Gamification Scratch-Off Generator.

Virtual Scratch-off gamification for business. Increase customer engagements, sales volumes. and brand awareness.

Integrate Priiize virtual scratch-off card games with your coupons, special deals and prize giveaway mobile promotions.

Priiize gamification scratch-off games software

Gamification for business.

Use Priiize scratch-offs for coupons, special offers and prizes giveaway promotions on mobile devices and websites. 
They are used by retailers for apparel and consumer packaged goods, top brands, online and offline services, casinos, sports bars, sports events, entertainment venues, restaurants, hospitality chains, colleges, banks, credit unions, sales rewards, trades shows, and events.

Priiize is designed to work on mobile devices and websites.

option #1

DIY Scratch-off Generator

This platform uses the same mobile programming technologies we use to develop custom scratch-off games for national brands. It is a filtered down version to keep things simple, and economical. It can also be customize it to fit your requirements. 

Make beautiful scratch-off games and run promotions!

Customers love the anticipation of winning a scratch-off game on their mobile phone!

Priiize scratch-off game template has built-in fields that automatically populate your logo and content.  You select colors from the color picker.

Post an unlimited number of prizes for each campaign! You can run different scratch-off campaigns on and off at the same time, and as many people can play as you want. Set the number of winners and non-winners in any amount — edit prizes at your option as-you-go.

Each scratch-off campaign comes with its unique URL link and QR Code.  Give them to your customers to play your scratch-off games.


  • Unlimited scratch-off cards for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Game Plays for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Game Players for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Prizes for each campaign
Break out of editable modular webparts priiize plug and play scratch-off games generator
Plug & Play Scratch-off Game Template.
Add your text and select colors of text, *background, scratch-off dot and prize dot using the color palette selector.
Scratch Off Gamification Scratch Off Games
The results can look spectacular!
If you need any assistance just click the Help link and we will help or do it for you.

Choose a plan

Free – 5 Scratch-off Campaigns – $0/duration: fourteen days. Try the scratch-off generator for free. See if Priiize scratch-off templates is viable for your needs.

5 Scratch-off Campaigns – $39/duration: thirty days – Save $20 – Reg Price $59/mo.

10 Scratch-off Campaigns – $69/duration: thirty days – Save $41 – Reg Price $110/mo.

For any setup or design assistance, please click here

If you need more information or a custom modification for your scratch-offs, contact us.

How it works

First, set up a campaign.
Create a campaign in the admin panel. Each campaign hosts as many scratch-off cards and prizes you set it to. And each campaign has its unique URL and QR Code to play the game.

Next, promote your campaigns’ unique URL and QR Code to customers to play.
Customers play your game by either clicking the unique URL or by scanning the unique QR code you provide them.

Post the unique URL on your website, text messages, e-newsletters, emails, banner ads, and social media.

Display the unique QR Code on in-store signage, displays, shelf-talkers, tags, exterior windows, website pages, text messaging, banner ads, newsletters, emails, social media, and CCTV.

Who should use Priiize?

Priiize Virtual Scratch-Off Games Generator is an ideal solution for anyone looking to deploy and manage scratch-off games themselves.

It is excellent for retailers, restaurants, service businesses, and anyone who is a natural promoter and realizes its potential beyond coupons.

Priiize Scratch-offs are used for promotions at sports events, selling subscriptions, closing a deal on the spot,  fundraising, luring buyers to trade show booths, corporate internal recognition programs, and dealer incentive campaigns.

Need a suggestion how you can use Priiize for your business? Pick our brains – contact >

Super Jackpot scratched to reveal WINNER at Shoppers World Department Stores

Try Priiize for free.

See if Priiize DIY Scratch-off Game Generator is a viable solution for your gamification needs. Try the free version. If you are too busy to do it yourself, we will set up your scratch-off game(s) for a nominal fee – Contact us.

priiize plug-and-play scratch-off games generator - brochure download
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Priiize Plug & Play Scratch-off Games Platform
Gamification for business: How To Boost Your Customer Engagement with Virtual Scratch-Off Games

Benefit from mobile marketing like coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond, JC Penny, Michaels, Kohl’s, Hobby Lobby, Macys, and Ulta does.

option #2

Custom gamification design and development services.

Priiize Customs – creation, management, and reporting.

Make us your gamification resource and marketing partner.

Request more information. Use the contact form below or call 732-922-8800.

Priiize Custom Scratch-off Games - brochure download
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Priiize Custom Scratch-off Games
Custom Scratch Off Gamification Web App - Scratch Off Games for Mobile Marketing.
1 Scratch Off Games for Mobile Marketing
Custom Scratch Off Gamification
Custom Scratch Off Games for Mobile Marketing

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gamification for business Scratch-off games generator software
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