#1 Best Auto Dealership Virtual Scratch-off Game Promotions
#1 Best Auto Dealership Promotions - Priiize Scratch-offs

Auto Dealership Promotions – Virtual Scratch-Off Games

Auto Dealership $1000 Instant Cash-Back Promotion
Virtual Scratch-Off Game Generator.
Only $99

Auto Dealership $1000 Instant Cash-Back Promotion - Priiize Scratch-Offs
Auto Dealership Cash-Back Scratch-Off Game (Demo)
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Increase customer engagements and retention for your auto dealership promotions with scratch-off gamification.

Free oil change - prize example - Auto Dealership Scratch-off Game promotion - Priiize.comGamification in Business Scratch-Off Cards is a proven technique that motivates auto buyers. They create fun, increase brand engagement and retention through incentivizing positive behaviors.

Auto Dealerships are using coupons and free incentive promotions for prizes such as discounts on oil changes, or cash down payments towards the purchase of a new or used car at their dealership. Ad agencies for car dealerships are using Priiize Virtual Scratch-offs to generate games for their clients.

The ways an Auto Dealership promotes digital scratch-off games

Make money as a scratch-off game consultant with Priiize$49 Brake Pads or Shoes Auto Dealer promotion scratch-offs - Priiize.com Auto Dealership Promotions - Virtual Scratch-Off Games 1The ways car dealerships promote their scratch-off games are to have customers text an SMS to a number and or scan a QR code and opt-in to receive further information and promotions in exchange to play a virtual scratch-off card. The car dealerships acquire car shoppers’ cell numbers and email addresses to promote the game and future promotions.

The SMS number and QR code are printed on static cling labels and placed on vehicle windows in the showroom and outside on cars parked in the lot. They are also promoted in emails, signage, print ads, direct mailers, and TV ads.

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Example of a Car Dealer Service & Parts Scratch & Win Coupon Promotion.

The way one Auto Dealership promotes digital scratch-off games for service department coupons and deals.
The way Auto Dealerships promote Priiize digital scratch-off games for service department and parts coupons. In this example, 3 Campaigns were used in one digital ad for Oil & Filter Change, Brake Pad Replacement, and New Tires. Consumers clicked on any of the 3 animated gifs which were each linked to their own Campaign to win discount coupons for each special offer.

If you are looking to do a virtual scratch-off promotion for auto dealerships

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Are you interested in learning more about adding SMS messaging and Webhooks as an opt-in to play your Priiize scratch-off game and collect data? AGE Texting has developed an SMS and Webhook exclusively for Priiize scratch-off games. They provide a superb SMS and MMS marketing platform. The Priiize webhook is just one of its eight opt-in methods that adds a subscriber’s phone number to the database in real-time and sends an immediate opt-in reply. Learn more and play free demos.

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