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Baby Shower Scratch Off Cards

Super Cool Baby Shower Party Planning Idea

Make Virtual Scratch-off Cards for Party Gift Reveals!

Live Scratch-Off - Scratch the "Scratch Here" heart, and then tap "Play Again" for each new gift reveal.

Make Personalized Baby Shower Scratch-Off Cards Online For The Party! – Try Free.

Are you planning a baby shower and want a unique way to do gift reveals? Personalized Scratch-Off Cards make it a fun way for gift-giving! 

With a colorful baby print, headline, and scratch-off square, these virtual scratch-off cards, and tickets have a scratch-off square to scratch off with your finger and display a coin and make a real scratching sound as you swipe with your finger. 

Each scratch-off reveals gift or prize images that you set up such as baby bottles, rattles, and safety pins. 

Make an unlimited number gift reveal scratch-offs.

Add some unexpected fun to your shower with these virtual scratch tickets displayed on cellphones!

Have even more fun with this for your baby shower party planning ideas — you can also use it for drawings, raffles, games, door prizes, and more. Each scratch-off comes with 2 campaigns so you can use the second campaign for fun and give-away prizes to party guests!

How to Play:

Ask your mom-to-be to scratch off the scratch-off square to reveal each baby gift.  You can share the game link with guests to scratch-off too. The perfect way to give gifts at a Zoom Party!

  • Unlimited quantity of scratch-off card sets
  • Each card deck allows for unlimited prizes or gifts.

Size: Scratch-offs work on any monitors size on Apple and Droid smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs.

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Make an Unlimited Number of Baby Shower Virtual Scratch-Off Cards.

Jennifer’s Baby Shower Scratch-off Card Gift Reveals >

Full color reveal scratch off cards

The full-color scratch-off card reveals using an image.
With every color or image you want, this isn’t your average baby shower scratch off. Create a scratch gift reveal in any design using our full-color digital reveal for no extra charge.

Play Jennifer’s Baby Shower Scratch-offs to see her gift reveals in action

Jen’s game scratchers display 15 different gifts given to her by friends and family at her baby shower. You can have as many different gifts as you want, for no extra charge. Jen was so excited at the anticipation of what would be the next baby shower gift with every scratch as it made a scratching sound as her finger swiped across her cellphone screen!

15 Different Baby Shower Gifts were used for this baby shower scratch-off gift cards from family and friends:

  • Delta Infant Crib
  • 4Moms MamaRoo Baby Bouncer
  • Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine
  • Sophie La Girafe
  • Delta Changing Table
  • Delta Bassinet
  • Safety 1st Infant Car Seat
  • Electric Breast Pump
  • VTech DM221 Baby Monitor
  • PandaEar Diaper Bag
  • Innovo Suction Bulb
  • Similac Infant Formula
  • Fisher-Price Infant Swing
  • NUK Pacifier 3-Pack-+-

Jennifer’s Baby Shower Scratch-off Card Gift Reveals >

Virtual scratch-off cards can be custom made for boy or girl gifts. 

Gamification for Personal Gift Giving from groups of family, friends, and office workers.

Priiize Scratchers are used for Gender Reveals, Wedding Announcements, Secret Santa Gift Giving, Grab Bags, Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Anniversaries, Graduations, Gag Messages to Serve To Spouses, Important Announcements, and for all other special occasions.

Click here to create a free trial to experiment with, test, and use. Make unlimited scratch-off and win games starting at $11.

Priiize Scratch-Off Campaign Planner Free Download
Planner (Word doc)

Use this document as a guide for planning your Priiize scratch-off game with your team.

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