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Crystal Ball Online

Ask the Crystal Ball a question for free, then rub the crystal ball in the center of the screen for an immediate answer.

If fireworks go off, then the Crystal Ball answer will ring true. 

Find true love. 
See if something will come true.
Communicate with loved ones on the other side.

Rub the Fortune Teller on the Crystal Ball for your answer.


The Höeffer Crystal Ball Online
Knows Your Future.

von Höeffer

About crystal balls, those mystical orbs.

The practice of fortune-tellers and psychics looking into a crystal ball for readings has been in existence for several thousand years.

It dates back to the mystical traditions of ancient civilizations going back as far as the third century.

The Druids most notably were brought up in history books as using crystal balls to look into the future. They lived in ancient Britain and France and were philosophers, teachers, and judges.

The Druids were communal wisdomaires and thinkers whose focus was understanding the natural world and the traditions of people and the mediators between humans and the gods in the universe.

The crystal ball then becomes such a symbol of predicting the future.

Throughout history, media, and literary references, the crystal ball has been associated with fortune-telling and mystical powers.

There is even a virtual scratch-off crystal ball online for smartphones and computers produced by

People can ask it questions and advice for free, or make it themselves to share with family and friends at home, at parties, or just for fun. Rumor has it that if fireworks go off on a Priiize Crystal Ball answer, your question or wish will come true.

The crystal ball is a staple resource for crystal ball readers.

As fortune-tellers gaze into their mystical orb or activate their Priiize Crystal Ball, they see a vision into the future that ordinary humans cannot see. They are an elite class of gifted advisors, spiritual leaders, and teachers who can look into any reflective surface and see the future.

Free Fortune Teller Scratch-offs Online.

Ask The Crystal Ball Any Question; get A Free Psychic Answer Immediately after you rub the crystal ball online.

Introducing a new virtual crystal ball online scratch-off game that performs psychic readings for free – the first free Crystal Ball reading scratch-off of its kind in the world.

Share and play for free with family and friends. Make this for free too. Get the free crystal ball images and make this scratch-off online for free.

About Höffern:

Höffern, von Höffer or von Hoeffer (fl. 1722), was a German noblewoman and fortune teller. She became famous in Sweden during the first half of the 18th century, where she has been called the first famous fortune-teller in Stockholm. She now speaks through the Höeffer Crystal Ball Online to share her advice and vision.

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