Engage Customers with Scratch-off Games

Engage Customers with Scratch-off Games

Digital Scratch-offs are a new and innovative way to engage customers and increase sales.

They are interactive web pages that simulate the experience of scratching off a lottery ticket, revealing a prize or a discount code.

You can customize the design, the content, and the rewards of your digital scratch-offs to suit your brand and goals.

Whether you want to generate leads, boost conversions, or reward loyalty, digital scratch-offs can help you achieve it.

Engage Customers

To create a web page for digital scratch-offs, you need to follow these steps:

1. Start here for a free account on our platform and choose a template for your scratch-off campaign.
2. Edit the template with your images, text, colors, and logo. You can also set the odds, the duration, and the limit of your campaign.
3. Generate a unique URL for your web page and share it with your audience via email, social media, or any other channel.
4. Track and analyze the performance of your campaign with our real-time dashboard. You can see how many people visited, scratched, and claimed your offer.
5. Enjoy the results of your digital scratch-off campaign and watch your sales grow!

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