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Frequently Asked Questions Priiize Virtual Scratch-Offs Generator

Webhook Priiize Integration

Webhook for Priiize Scratch-off Campaigns Integration.

Integrate your favorite software services with your Priiize Scratch-off Campaigns with Webhook. Automate your campaigns Opt-in and Prize Claim Forms with third-party services like IntegromatPabbly ConnectIntegratedZapierKonnectzit, etc. 

Connect Priiize Webhooks with thousands of Online Apps, SMS, and CRM Email platforms you already use like Hubspot, ConstantContact, Mailchimp, and Google Sheets, etc.

The free Webhook setup tool and documentation are ready to use. 
Look for Webhook on your Priiize dashboard.

Yes, Priiize is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. 

Priiize Scratch-off Cards is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android devices.


Your account is automatically activated after you:

  1. Register for the free trial. or;
  2. After a payment is processed.

Each plan is offered for a defined block of time, or the number of days active. 

The clock starts after a payment is processed even if you put a campaign on pause, or do not make or use it.

You may reactivate your campaign(s) at any time after the block of time allotted by purchasing a plan.

At the end of the days use period for a one-time payment plan you will need to renew your plan at anytime thereafter.

We now offer recurring billing (subscription billing).  If you choose this option your credit card will be automatically billed every 30 days from the time of activation. You may upgrade or downgrade at any time, or cancel. There are no contracts to sign, or penalties if you cancel.

Your scratch-off campaigns are automatically saved so they are there for you in the future – just remember to select the same template your game(s) were built on.

To ask for a refund please write to hello@priiize.com – supply your name and the email address you used to purchase your plan and we will reverse your charge in full, no questions asked.

Make your logo image 600 x 200 pixels wide is ideal but you can make the height more but not too much because it pushes all the text and scratch-off pad below it down lower on the screen.

If you want a color background to appear behind your logo then upload your logo with a transparent background in either a .png or .gif format, or make the background a color that coordinates with your game’s background color.

Never embed your logo on the background image.

The best size to make prize images is a perfect square, 300 x 300 pixels. 

Background image sizes are to be made by trial and error. Background images by default are not *responsive, so they stretch left and right on the desktop, and condense left and right on mobile view.

(1) If it is an abstract design it will work fine on both desktop and mobile views at 1920x1000px.

(2) If it is a solid color use the color hex selector in your Priiize dashboard, not an image.

*(3) If you want a background image to be response on all devices follow these steps https://priiize.com/custom-url-instructions-priiize-scratch-off-games

Yes, you can add prize images and or prize text.

Make each prize image the same exact size and also the scratch-off patch that people scratch to reveal their prize. Prize images can be square, rectangular, or a dot. Just make them all the same exact size. A good size is 300 pixel wide.

Prize text can be set in any color or font size. It is limited to 14 characters per lines and includes two lines of text.

If you do not have a logo, you can type in your name instead of using an image. Make text any color and size you want.

In “Logo Type,” select the “Text” option, not the “Image” option.

Another option for the logo image area is to place a non-logo image in its place that relates to your game. An example is using the “6 Generic Scratch-Off Game Theme Logos” that appear on the Free Images page.

New! Generic Theme Logos with transparent backgrounds - use to customize your Priiize.com Scratchers

No, there is no limit to the number of people who can play your scratch-off games.

No, there is no limit to the number of prizes you set up for each game.

When the number of any given number of prizes reaches zero, Priiize will not display that prize again unless, of course, if you replenish the number of prizes.

When all prizes reach zero, and you still have people playing the game, they will see this message on screen, “Sorry, this prize has been won and reached its limit of winners.” 

When all prizes run out and you still have people playing they will see this message on screen

The best practice is to monitor your campaign(s) prize quantities daily. Your options are either turning the game off, putting it on Pause or adding more prize allotments.

Chances are, if this should ever happen, you are running a game that people love and are really engaging with!

Yes, people can play your Priiize Scratch-off Games on your website too. It is done in two different ways:

Embed your scratch-off game within an iFrame on a webpage.
Create an iFrame using this simple code and place it on your webpage: Click here (download)

Create a custom URL using your own domain address for people to play from your website (an entire page iFrame).
Simple Instructions and an HTML doc if you want to use a pre-made one or create your own: Click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you set up this code make sure to test your game on a mobile device and desktop and double-check everything is working as it should – Next Play, Prize Claims, Prize Claim emails, etc.

Yes, you can give out multiple scratch-off cards to a person to play. 

give out multiple scratch-off cards to a person to play

This is how to set it up:

Create a campaign and think of it as a scratch-off card.

However, although we say it is a scratch-off card, don’t think of it as one physical card, it is one scratch-off card set up to be played multiple times by as many multiple players as you want, and can have one prize or any number of prizes you allocate to it.  

Each scratch-off card (actually called a campaign in Priiize) will have multiple scratch-off cards allocated to it (5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 1000, 1,000,000, etc.), so technically, it is not just one card. 

  1. Now create as many different scratch-off card lots (campaigns) you will need (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.) Then set up the number allocated of prizes in each scratch-off card (100, 1000, 1,000,000, etc.)
  2. Since each scratch-off campaign generates a unique URL and a QR code, you will give players the exact number of Scratch-off Campaign URLs (or QR codes) to play just like you would handing out paper scratch-off cards in person.

For example, you set up a Priiize account with ten campaigns. Now you have ten different scratch-off campaigns, each with the prizes and unique URL and QR code.  Pass out the desired number each  URLs or QR Codes to your players. 

If a customer buys four items and you reward them four scratch-off cards, you would give them 4 Scratch-off URLs (or QR codes) out of the 10 URLs you set up in your admin panel.

The most efficient way to give out URLs is to set them up in sets of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc. on a Word or Excel doc to quickly copy and paste on an email or text message to send to customers to play. Each URL is a different scratch-off card to play.

SET “NEXT PLAY” – EXAMPLES: If you want players to only play their scratch-off cards 1x only, set “Next Play” to “Never Play Again“.


If you want players to only play 1x a week set it to “Custom Hours” and hours to 168 (7 days x 24 hours in a day = 168 hours).

If you want players to only play 1x a week set it to

Please contact us for more information on how to set it, or for a small fee, and we will set up the campaigns for you.

Contact Dennis Romano -732-922-8800, or email via the contact form.

Yes, just click the “Duplicate” button. It will only work for plans with more than one campaign.

Yes, you can delete a campaign by clicking the trash can icon.

If your plan only comes with one campaign you can write-over a Campaign you wish not to use anymore.

If your plan comes with multiple campaigns you can delete any and replace them with a new campaign.

If you need to add more campaigns then select a plan that offers additional campaigns.

Yes, you can set a start and end date for your campaign by selecting Live With Dates under Campaign Status in Step 4

Yes, you can set an Expiration Date for coupons and prize claims for any plan that includes the Opt-In and or Prize Claim Form features.

Priiize works on touchscreens as long as they are connected to the Internet. Basically a scratch-off campaign generates a URL to click on to play. You could have a button on the screen that is linked to the campaign to start the play and use the template with a prize claim form to gather the person’s name, address, phone, email, etc. and download that list as an Excel, CSV, or PDF doc if everyone is a winner. If you plan on having “Losers” then you should consider the template that has the Opt-In Form to collect their name and email address, mobile number so you have a record of everyone who has played whether they are a Winner of a Loser, and had the Prize Claim Form for the winners and you would have all the bases covered. If you would like a free demo to go over the templates and system please arrange for it here https://priiize.com/request-a-free-demo at a convenient time for you and your team.

Yes, you can set the Time Delay in Step 3 > Play > Next Play. Select one of four options – 

  1. End of Day
  2. Custom Hours
  3. Immediate Replay
  4. Never Play Again


Yes, you can have players opt-in using their Facebook, Google and Email to play with any plan that includes the Opt-In feature.

How to setup win/lose percentage on virtual scratch-off games

You are automatically setting up a percentage of win/lose when you type in the number allotted for each prize by the number of players. A simple example is if you have 10 people playing with 5 Winners and 5 Losers, the odds of winning is 1 out of 2.

A second example is if you have 205 players with a game set to 200 losers and 5 winners, then the odds of winning will be low and slow.

Another issue to consider when setting the odds is there is a possibility that everyone you project is going to play does not. Out of the 205 players, 50 may only play the first few days, and they could all be losers. In this case, I would put Losers on “Pause” for a few hours and keep Winners “Activated” on so people start winning, especially if everyone knows each other, like if the players are employees of one company. Winners will brag to other teammates they won, which is a great buzz to get people excited and play if they haven’t already.

We recommend that you watch your game Winners and Losers daily and make any adjustments to each Winner and Loser prizes’ quantity set. If you have a game with more Losers than Winners and see the number of Losers far out-pacing winners, lower the number allocated to “Losers” so the odds even-out more for a better mix of Winners Losers. Having the right blend of Winner and Losers will keep players pumped-up that they have a chance of winning something.

The other thing is only you know what is going on, not the individual players, unless they are all in daily contact with each other. If you posted Winners and Losers’ names on a leaderboard, social networks, or your website, this would have a significant impact

Yes, you can approve prizes in any plan that includes the Prize Claim Form.

This is the breakdown:

1. “Scratch & Win” Template:

This will just display “WINNER.”

2. “Scratch & Win + Opt-in” Template:

This will just display “WINNER.”

3. For both “Scratch & Win + Prize Claim” and “Scratch & Win + Opt-in + Prize Claim“ Templates:

“WINNER” – Player won the prize but has not clicked on the button to CLAIM PRIZE.

“CLAIM PENDING” Player clicked on the CLAIM PRIZE button but has not filled the claim form yet.

“CLAIM SUBMITTED” Player filled the CLAIM FORM and now the decision is Pending from the CAMPAIGN OWNER. [This only applies when Claim Validation is set to “Manual”]

“CLAIM APPROVED” Claim has been APPROVED by the campaign owner.

“CLAIM REJECTED” Claim has been REJECTED by the campaign owner.

Game Winner Prize Claims - Status column breakdown

Yes, you can validate a prize on any plan that has the Prize Claim Form. You can also decline a prize claims.

Yes, the Opt-in form can be set in the following ways:

  1. You can turn each of the Facebook and Google opt-ins on or off.
  2. You can have the Email form on.
  3. And you can add one custom field to the Opt-in.

    We have seen companies’ custom field asking employees to input their employee ID numbers in it.  And,  retailers are using it for their salespeople to add an invoice number for every sale they make, they get to play a scratch-off.

QUESTION: I wish to run a Buy & Win Campaign with virtual scratch cards with different prizes, one BIG Prize, and the rest coupons. How does it work and what is the cost?


This is easy to set up in Priiize. If everyone will be a winner (like giving away coupons). It doesn’t cost any more to do.  We would recommend the virtual Scratch & Win + [Prize Claim] Form. With this plan you can manually manage winners Prize Claim Forms of the GRAND PRIZE and other high-value prizes and let the system auto-validate lower valued prizes like 10% off coupons.

You will be able to email winner validations from within the Priiize admin panel. Plus you will have all winners contact info to remarket to, and retain for your records. 

If you plan on not everyone is a winner with “Sorry, not a Winner” type of scratch-off cards then we recommend the Scratch-off Cards + [Opt-In to Play] + [Prize Claim Form].

With the “Opt-in To Play” feature, you capture everyone’s email address who has played because if someone gets a “Sorry, not a Winner” card then you won’t capture their email address as you would with Winning scratch-off prizes. 

View all Priiize Plans

Yes, you can add as many additional fields as-needed and set each as “Required” or not on the Prize Claim Form.

Custom fields are set up in STEP 3. PREVIEW > CLAIM FORM > ADDITIONAL FIELDS 

Add additional field on Prize Claim

For gift-giving and gender reveals use the Scratch & Win plan. As of this writing, the Scratch & Win campaign costs $11 for 1 campaign with an unlimited number of scratch-off cards for unlimited number of players. Usage is live for 30 days. 

The best way to test your game before it is released to players is to copy and paste the game URL and QR Code and send it to yourself in an email and click the game link within the email.

Also, if you are using an iFrame, company Intranet, or an App to send a game link, test it from there too. Make sure the Priiize system can sniff the player IP Address and prevent you from playing multiple times if you have it set to “Never Play Again.” 

There are so many technical variables and we have no way of guaranteeing anything when using an iFrame, Intranet, or an App to send a game link.

Yes, you can download the list of Winners and Validations to Excel, CVS or PDF with any plan that includes the Prize Claim Form feature.

Yes, you can download the list of people who opt-in using Facebook, Google or Email with any plan that includes the Opt-In feature. The list displays their first and last name and email address at Facebook or Google. 

This list does not display the prize won or lost, only log in details.

Yes, you set prizes to be approved automatically and or manually with any plan that has the Prize Claim Form feature.

Yes, you can link to external website outside of Priiize at the end of a gameplay for Winners and Losers. Use to link a URL to a external web landing page, SMS web page, shopping cart, social network, scheduling calendar for demos and appointments, order forms, web forms, video, etc.

CTA – (Call To Action) Button and Text Link

Editable CTA (Call To Action) Button and Text Link on Winner and Loser page reveals on all 4 templates.


To Locate: Click (A)  “STEP 3” Tab > (B) “WINNER” Tab > (C) “CTA” Link > (D) Click “Button Visible?” to turn on > (E) Change wording, colors, font size and color, button size and color, and customize with your URL.


Winner button - Editable CTA (Call To Action) Button and Text Link


To Locate: Click (A)  “STEP 3” Tab > (B) “LOSER” Tab > (C) “CTA” Link > (D) Click “Button Visible?” to turn on > (E) Change wording, colors, font size and color, button size and color, and customize with your URL.


Loser button - Editable CTA (Call To Action) Button and Text Link

The short answer is yes, however, this scratch-off game was designed and produced to be transmitted via the Internet. As a precaution, if you are using a custom app or Intranet it is your responsibility to test it first prior to going live and make any adjustments if necessary. We cannot be responsible for games sent via any custom apps or Intranets. We will gladly help if you have any questions or need support.

Yes, you can email Winners to Validate or Decline their Prize Claim if you have the plan that includes the Prize Claim Form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Prize Claim emails sent from your dashboard are one-way only – you can only send, not receive. For this reason, it is important to include an email address and or phone number in your email for players to contact you back about a question they may have.

Each campaign generates a unique URL and QR Code to be shared over the Internet. You can give them one or both by email, text, embed the QR code on indoor and outdoor posters, on TV monitors, print ads, direct mailers, and social posts. 

Another option is to send game links via SMS text messages to people who have opted in to receive text messages from you. 

If you plan to use a custom app or an Intranet it is your responsibility to test the game, opt-in form, and prize claim email notifier first prior to going live and make any adjustments if necessary.

We cannot be responsible for games sent via any custom apps or Intranets. We will gladly help if you have any questions or need support.

The software sniffs players’ IP Addresses. If people play from different devices, have cookies or personal browsing turned off, or in a browser’s incognito mode, their IP Address will not register in the system.

The best practice is to set prizes Manual Approval for high-value prizes. Each prize won will have its own unique Prize Claim Number and Admin Validation Number to download and keep for your records.

Doing this will prove that a prize is won and validated, especially if there is an accidental or nefarious attempt to claim awards multiple times unless your game rules allow for this way to play.

As with all other SaaS digital services, we cannot guarantee older phone technologies, out of date or ones that are 5 years or older, nor phones no longer supported by their manufacturer with have a perfect user experience.

Internet Explorer should not be used at all, it has been discontinued and replaced by Microsoft Edge.

We had one situation reported by a user that their account was showing up as in-active on Internet Explorer browser. When they opened their admin panel in Google Chrome the account displayed as an active account and plan.

It is best to always stay up to date and use only the latest version of any active browser for the best Internet viewing, performance, and user-experience consistency.

We prefer Google Chrome.

Our Privacy, Cookie, and Terms of Service policies can be read at:

GDPR Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy for Priiize

Terms of Service


Come back again at anytime.

There are two White Label solutions for Ad Agencies, Digital Agencies, Marketing Agencies, and Brand Gaming. 

OPTION 1: Custom URL from your website

Custom URL for Priiize Scratch-Off Games – 
Instructions and HTML doc on how to make a custom URL display for your Priiize Scratch-Off Game instead of the Priiize URL – Click Here »



If you wish to mask “priiize.com” in your game’s URL you can.  Replace the “priiize.com” with “scratchservr.com.” Give your customers the updated URL to use for their game(s). The entire game play will display the “scratchservr.com” at each stage.


Mask “priiize.com” in your game’s URL you can.  Replace the “priiize.com” with “scratchservr.com”

NOTE: The game URL generated by the QR code does not update to “scratchservr.com”; it retains the “priiize.com” within its URL.

No, there is not an API for Priiize.

No, we do not have a Points Program but there is work-around to accomplish this doing it manually.

Make each prize a number of points it populates in the Winners dashboard.  As winners submit prize claims (their points) download them on an Excel doc, sort by name and or email address to make it go fast.


Yes, tech support and customer service is free. 

Use the form on the Support Page  or ask by email to hello@priiize.com.

Please also refer to the instructions with screenshots on how to make a scratch-offs using Priiize Virtual Scratch-off Generator. It answers a lot of your questions.

Your campaigns remain intact if you decide purchase a plan anytime in the future.  To purchase a plan click the “Plan” link on the vertical menu.

To purchase a plan click the "Plan" link on the vertical menu.

The 7-day free trial is for building, testing and sharing with team members. You can build a real campaign during the 7-day free trial period and would have to purchase a plan to use it. We appreciate it if a free trial not be used specifically to execute a real game and not pay. We depend on revenues to keep this service going and to support our families.

In your dashboard click “My Profile” on the left column and look for the “Change Password link.

To download your Priiize Invoice and Receipt click “My Plan” in the vertical menu in your dashboard > then click “View” under the Invoice & Receipt column bottom far right.

How to download and view your invoice and receipt - Priiize

Click “Download Invoice” and “Download Receipt.

Download receipt and invoice - Priiize

Priiize is developed for businesses for rewarding coupons, giveaways, and prizes, and used to engage and reward customers, employees, and learners.

Priiize is not to be used for a lottery. 


What you need to know about Lotteries – A lottery consists of three elements: 1) prize, 2) chance, and 3) consideration. If you eliminate consideration, then it is not a lottery. Prize promotions in which there is an element of chance, and a prize is to be awarded are permitted, but to avoid your promotion being an illegal lottery, participants should not be required to provide any consideration to take part. Consideration is any type of payment or purchase or a requirement that a “substantial expenditure of effort” be made. Prize promotions and contests that require a purchase by participants are illegal in the United States.

Priiize Terms of Service and Conditions prohibits Lotteries and will exercise its right to terminate an account without notice who engages in any such activity using legal tender and or crypto currency. 

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If you are holding an event with a roomful of people all playing your game it will register on the system as one IP address for everyone playing. If your game is set to one-time play the first person to play will trigger the IP Address block thus preventing others from being able to play. The way around this to ask the venue provider to either turn off their Wi-Fi or add a temporary password to prevent people from using it and use their own service provider to play. 

It is best to use the contact form below to contact us with any questions, or call (732) 922-8800 to speak to Dennis Romano at Envision, parent company of Priiize.

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