Franchise Marketing Strategy - #1 Best Virtual Scratch-offs
Create a Winning Franchise Marketing Strategy

Franchise Marketing Strategy

Winning Franchise Marketing Strategy – Virtual Scratch-Off Games.

It is a daunting task for marketing and experienced professionals to run a successful franchise with multiple locations and maximize employee and customer engagements.

A franchisor’s job is to create a winning franchise marketing strategy to help every franchisee and branch maximize marketing potential while maintaining brand consistency across all channels.

Practical ways you can create a winning franchise marketing strategy

Building a brand and maintaining its identity is at the core of intelligent marketing. Your franchise marketing strategy serves to propagate your brand across all Omnichannel. The goal is to create an emotional connection and experience worth sharing with your audience.

One of the biggest challenges for franchisors is the lack of brand consistency in their local markets. The top franchises are innovative and tend to do things their way, often outside the branding parameters, without realizing they do so.

While there is always room for innovation, growth, and progress, this should be driven by the marketing, HR, and Experience teams at the franchisor headquarters only.

Successful franchisors focus on creating a comprehensive branding document every franchisee must follow. It must ensure brand consistency and provide franchisees the tools to craft the best marketing campaigns for success for everyone.

Create a Winning Franchise Marketing Strategy using digital scratch-off games to grow your franchisee’s local markets and employee engagement and experiences.

Employee Appreciation Scratch-off Games Are Fun and RewardingVirtual Scratch-Off Games promotion is a new tool used by franchisors and co-op marketing associations for their digital engagements. Scratch-off games used in franchise marketing strategies are essential for audience engagements and experiences. They also work exceptionally well with remote people and where paper scratch-offs are logistically impossible to use and manage.

To help franchisors craft outstanding digital scratch-off campaigns for their franchisees and audiences, focus on the following:

  • First, determine the audience. Is it for your franchisee’s customers, franchisee employees, independent workers, or a combination of two or all three?
  • Think through what are the best prizes that are relevant to the audience. For staff, employees, or independent workers, prizes may be cash in paychecks, gift cards, or swag items. For consumer audiences, prizes may be in the form of coupons, discounts, a gift with purchase, vouchers, gift cards, swag items, free merchandise et al.
  • Incentivize local franchises to craft compelling and in-depth ways to reach their audiences that will benefit them. Each scratch-off campaign generates a unique URL and QR code to plan. Ways to promote your scratch-off game are to provide the game URL and or QR code on email blasts, SMS blasts, and QR codes printed on paper and displayed at locations.
  • Create a master scratch-off game and create a separate account for each franchisee using the same campaign. You can adjust the prizes for each franchisee depending on their size and market. Run the scratch-off campaigns with the same starting and end dates.
  • Manage winner’s prizes and collect their data for follow-up communications and marketing efforts.
  • Measure campaign results and retain all data for your records.

Winning Franchise Marketing Strategy

As you will see, your franchise and franchisee will benefit from digital scratch-offs, a franchise marketing strategy, and outreach programs you put in place. With that in mind, incentivize every branch to run their scratch-offs within the overarching brand parameters. This way, a vast network is created and increases your reach cost-effectively and organized.

There are many factors to consider and many tactics to implement in every location in Franchise marketing. Move cautiously and make intelligent decisions so the entire brand benefits from the results. You can use these marketing tips to create a comprehensive franchise scratch-off game marketing strategy that will help grow your franchise.

Franchise Marketing Strategy

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