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Fútbol Stadium Promotions

FÚTBOL 'SCORE A GOAL' Scratch-off Game. Fútbol Stadium Promotions Example.

Your Fútbol Stadium Promotion campaign will have winners and could also include losers.

This Priiize scratch-off game template, ‘Basic Scratch & Win,’ is best used to award coupons for food concessions, discounts at your team gift shop, and sponsors’ special promotions at the stadium and your online store.

Also, consider using the Priiize Scratch & Win Template with Opt-In Form using an access code, social network, phone number, or email, and the Scratch & Win with Prize Claim form to collect the winner’s data and for prize claim approvals. Learn more about the other template’s features and benefits you can use for your Fútbol Stadium Promotions instead of this game template – Click here.

Make custom Fútbol scratch-off games with your stadium and/or team logo, theme graphics, prizes, and images, change text, and link to your stadium and team websites.  You can use any of our free images or upload your own, or mix and match!

Play the Fútbol Stadium scratch-off game live demo – Scenario Demo for the user experience.

You can also CLICK THIS LINK to play.

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Fútbol Stadium Promotions:

Priiize Digital Scratch-Off Games Generator

Make Scratch Offs for Fútbol Fans at your Stadium!

Use for Deals, Coupons, Giveaways, Rewards, Engagements, Experiences, and Demand Generation.

Environmentally Friendly Scratch It Tickets – No Trees or Paper Used.

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