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Scratch-Off Card Gamification

Virtual Scratch-Offs Gamification for Delicious Orchards Coupon prize using Scratch-offs
Virtual Scratch-Offs Gamification for Delicious Orchards Coupon prize using Scratch-offs


Priiize Digital Scratch-Off Gamification

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Priiize Gamification

Priiize Gamification is an ideal solution for creating digital scratch-off games.

Its dashboard is simple to use and only takes four steps to a stunning campaign. 

Priiize works on all Apple and Droid mobile devices.

Customize your game theme colors from the color picker of millions of colors and go live!

Gamification Templates

It’s simple to make your own scratch-off cards online:

  • Scratch-off templates are pre-populated with content that you overwrite.
  • Add your logo, prizes, and text.
  • Download 250+ Free Backgrounds & Scratch-Off Card Images or use your own.
  • Change colors and fonts sizes easily.
  • Upload prize images or write them as text to customize.
  • Download your Winner Lists, Prize Claims, and Opt-In email addresses to Excel, CSV, or PDF files.

Works for everyone.

Each campaign includes an unlimited number of virtual scratch-off cards and prize setups for any total number of players.

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Unlimited Number of Prizes

Add unlimited number of prizes to each campaign. Priiize is available with four or 10 campaigns. The free trial is full-feature with one campaign.

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Unlimited Number of Players

Priiize Scratch-off games have no limits for the number of players for each game. You set the number of winners for each prize to be awarded.

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User Friendly

The admin panel is easy to use and make fast edits on the fly. You can alter prizes, and change images and colors instantly from any device connected to the Internet.

Gamification Users

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Digital scratch-off cards are used in mobile marketing by online and brick-and mortar retailers, restaurants, transportation, hospitality, beauty care, service businesses, auto dealers, casinos, sports, bars, events, and entertainment venues among others.

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Banks, lending institutions, colleges, and universities use digital scratch-off games to build databases of potential new leads to remarket to.
Government uses use scratch-off games at events and conferences, and employee programs.

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Wholesalers, Distribution Centers, and Corporations use digital scratch-off cards for sales rewards, employee recognition awards, safety programs, attendance programs, trades show traffic building campaigns, and corporate sponsored events.

Free Trial.

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No credit card is required, and you will not be billed after the free trial. Enjoy, and make your own scratch-off games at Online Generator!

Custom Gamification

We also provide custom programming and systems integrations. Use the form above to make your request and we will provide a quote.

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