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Virtual Scratch-Off Card Online Generator
Scratch-Off Games generate a lot of excitement in bars and restaurants, especially around team sports.

Scratch-Off Generator for Business Gamification.

Increase customer engagements, sales volumes, and brand awareness using digital scratch-off cards for business gamification.

Scratchers for brand gaming worldwide.

Digital scratch-off cards are custom branded and used in mobile marketing campaigns by retailers

✔ Digital scratch-off cards are custom branded and used in mobile marketing campaigns for retail, packaged goods, restaurants, transportation, hospitality, beauty care, services, casinos, sports, bars, beverage, events, entertainment venues, wireless, cable, financial institutions, and auto dealers. 

They also use QR codes on signage for customers to play and win coupons and prizes on mobile phones while shopping and making purchasing decisions. This is a very effective tactic that boosts purchases.

Colleges and universities use Priiize digital scratch-off cards to build databases of new applicants.

✔ Colleges and universities use Priiize digital scratch-off cards to build databases of new applicants. They do so by offering prizes such as first-year free tuition and instant-win swag prizes in exchange to opt-in email and mobile texting marketing. They also use QR codes for visitors to play and win bonuses on mobile phones while on-premise during campus tours.

✔Wholesalers, Distribution Centers, and Corporations use Priiize for sales rewards


 Business – Wholesalers, Distribution Centers, and Corporations use Priiize for sales rewards, employee recognition programs, trades show traffic building, and corporate sponsored events.
Use Priiize Virtual Game Scratchers to reward customers with spurt promotions for hotels and vacation destinations
"Universities use scratch-offs to build marketing databases of new applicants at the top of the sales funnel. Enticements such as "first-year free tuition" and instant-win swag prizes during campus tours in exchange to opt-in to play and receive email and SMS marketing." This tactic actually works for other industries too, not just colleges and universities.

Gamification Scratch-off Cards for Car Dealers and Car Loan Financiers

“Gamification Scratch-off Cards for Car Dealers and Car Loan Financiers.”

Priiize online scratch-off maker is easy to use. You can build a campaign for your business in less than 15 minutes.

Customization areas - add text, logo, set prizes as text or prize image, set expiration dates, and link to your website.

Economical Prices

Scratch-off games are excellent for boosting customer engagement and increase purchase volumes.
Customer engagement - The Benefits of Virtual Scratch-Off Games
Priiize.coms’ online scratch-off game is designed to work non-stop for its users customer engagements.
"Winner" scratched scratch-off card for trade show booth traffic building program
"Use gamification scratch-off cards to attract potential business buyers and existing customers to your trade show booth for selling opportunities"

New! Casino-Theme Business Scratch-Off Card Games.

Sizzling Casino Theme Graphics - Personalize with your company and or brand name in text. Claim your free theme downloads.

Priiize scratch-off game templates for business gamification have built-in fields that automatically populate your content. 

You select colors from the color picker and upload background images.

Post an unlimited number of prizes for each campaign! 

You can run different scratch-off campaigns on and off simultaneously, and as many people can play as you want. Set the number of winners and non-winners in any amount — edit prizes at your option as-you-go.

New! Casino-Theme virtual Scratch-Off Cards

Free Downloads!

How Priiize works.

✔ First, set up a campaign.
Create a campaign in the admin panel. Each campaign hosts as many scratch-off cards and prizes as you set it to. And each campaign has its unique URL and QR Code to play the game.

✔ Next, promote your campaigns’ unique URL and QR Code to customers to play.
Customers play your game by either clicking the unique URL or scanning the unique QR code you provide them. This is great for on-premise locations at point-of-purchase.

✔ Post the unique URL on your website, text messages, e-newsletters, e-mails, banner ads, and social media.

✔ Display the unique QR Code on in-store signage, displays, shelf-talkers, tags, exterior windows, website pages, text messaging, banner ads, newsletters, emails, social media, and CCTV.

✔ Have player Opt-in to play, if you want.
See who is playing and capture email address leads.

✔ Use the Prize Claim Form.
Have winners fill out a prize claim form for you to validate. This is extremely useful for validating high-value prizes. 

Try Priiize free virtual scratch-off generator.

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About Priiize [PDF] datasheet

Price List

  • Try Free
  • Campaign Plans start at $11

Stripe Secure Checkout – All major credit cards accepted. 100% money-back guarantee.

Stripe Checkout - All major credit cards accepted. 100% money-back guarantee.

Each Campaign Includes

  • Unlimited scratch-off cards for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Game Plays for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Game Players for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Prizes for each campaign
  • Customize with your logo
  • Customizable Text
  • Customizable expiration dates

Other Services Available

Scratch-off Games and Campaigns Customization is available including theme graphics, custom programming, systems integration, and more. Just ask! – Request for more information on the contact form below.

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