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Custom Scratch-Offs

Make Virtual Scratch-Offs
for Business & Personal Gamification.

Generate Scratch-off Coupons and Discount Cards for Customers, Rewarding Staff Working Remotely, Virtual Trade Shows, Fundraising, and for Baby Shower Gift-Reveals, Gender Reveals, Set The Date, Wedding & Party Gift Reveals, Games and Announcements.

Virtual Scratch-Offs Gamification for Delicious Orchards Coupon prize using Scratch-offs

Custom Scratch-Offs Gamification for Business & Personal Use.

Make Virtual Scratch-offs for Coupons & Discount Cards for Store Customers, Rewarding Staff Working Remotely, Virtual Trade Shows, Fundraising, Baby Shower Gift-Reveals, Gender Reveals, Set The Date, Wedding & Party, Gift Reveals, Games & Announcements.

Try free - online scratch card generator.
Virtual Scratch-Offs Gamification for Delicious Orchards Coupon prize using Scratch-offs

Make Virtual Scratch-Offs

for an unlimited number of scratch-off cards and players. 

The Ultimate Customer Engagement Tool - Digital Coupon Scratch-Off Cards
The Ultimate Customer Engagement Tool - Priiize Digital Coupon Scratch-Off Cards and Tickets
Priiize Virtual Scratch-Off Games Generator

Gamification scratch-offs for customer engagements, fundraising, students, and to reward employees working remotely

Scratch-offs are ideal for mobile marketing.

Creative scratch-off games are an ideal solution for mobile marketing coupon promotions. Our digital scratch-off discount creator make ordinary coupons exciting for customers to play and win. 

An excellent solution for brand gaming.

Coupon games add excitement for your brand, and encourages more purchases. It works in-store at point-of-purchase using SMS and QR codes on store signage and online using Promo Codes.

Priiize Scratch-offs work seamlessly on all devices.

Priiize (pronouned ‘prize’) scratch-off card gamification works seamlessly on all Apple and Droid smartphones as well as tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Passive income opportunities.

Make money from home or use to barter for dining, food, goods and services. Create scratch-off game coupon promotions for your local stores, salons, restaurants, and service businesses.

Priiize Virtual Scratch-Off Template makes creating scratch-offs fast, easily and economically.

It is a simple 3-Step Process - Go live, test in draft mode, or pause your campaign instantly!

Scratch-off template to make virtual scratch-off games and cards digitally using online scratch offs generator
Priiize is a Scratch-off template to make virtual scratch-off games and cards digitally.

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No credit card required

Make custom scratch off coupons

Drive foot-traffic to your retail establishment, and online shoppers to your website.

Do-It-Yourself Basic Scratch-Offs. Make them fast, and easily.

Priiize is an economical and easy-to-use solution for do-it-yourself marketers. It uses a template system to help you build and manage your scratch-off campaigns.

Make custom scratch off coupons
This virtual scratch-off card was made by a graphic designer who created a round prize image and scratch-off dot, and an excellent color background image. Priiize offers free background images or uses your own. Create a link to your CRM landing page or website to collect winners' contact data.
Connect scratch-off games winners with your CRM program to collect personal data
Use Scratch-Offs to generate foot traffic to your trade show booths - give your buyers a reson to stop by and see your new product lines.
Made with a Priiize do-it-yourself scratch-off card template using stock full-color background and scratch-off spot; and an uploaded custom prize image.

Use Scratch-Offs to Generate traffic to your trade show booths and your remote presentations.

Create customer engagement and new selling opportunities. Get buyers and potential new customers to visit your trade show booth to pick up their free winning scratch-off prize while creating an opportunity to build new relationships and show off your new product line.

Create a scratch-off campaign with multiple different prizes, discounts on first orders, free shipping offers,special bundle deals, or anything you dream of.

Helpful Information:
Covid-10 Coronavirus lockdown and social distancing is impacting the way we do businesses.

Scratch-Off eGift Cards and Digital Download Prizes.

Our customers are successfully using Priiize Scratch-Off Games to reward donors, customers, students, and staff online during their person-to-person teleconferences, virtual sales meetings, tours, lessons, demonstrations, and to reward donors who meet their pledges.


egift card prizes are an excellent choice to use as prizes for scratch-off games.
eGift Card Prizes - Use eGift cards from suppliers like Visa, Amazon, restaurants, or retail store eGift Cards to fulfill digital prizes electronically in closely monitored controlled games. Have winners redeem using a link to a landing page form on your CRM program to validate their award and approval for redemption.
Use Priiize Virtual Game Scratchers to reward customers with spurt promotions for hotels and vacation destinations
Reward customers with spurt promotions for hotels and vacation destinations

Priiize is excellent for Mobile Promotions.

Using Priiize Virtual Game Sratchers to reward your customer database with spurt promotions with a quick calls to action to drive up sales. 

If you need suggestions please contact us and pick our brains. Call or write to Dennis Romano – (732)922-8800 or use the contact form.

Baby Shower Scratch-Offs.

Gift reveal scratch-offs.

Custom baby shower scratch offs for the upcoming baby shower.

EXAMPLE: This gift scratch-off reveals 15 different baby shower gifts from family members, friends, and co-workers.

The mother-to-be was presented with a link to play this scratch-off gift-reveal at her shower.  It displays each gift given by friends, family, and co-workers.

Try it now. Scratch it!

Play this live scratch-off now to see how it works – scratch the “Scratch Here” heart, and click the “Play Again” button for each gift reveal.

Or click here to play it.

There is no limit to the number of scratch-off gifts to reveal with Priiize.

You can make this yourself for $15 using the Priiize scratch-off template or have a custom one made just for you by us – including all graphics and each gift set-up. It is delivered to you ready-to-play.

Prize Gift-Reveal Scratch-Off Cards is not limited to baby showers. Use them for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs, holiday grab bags, and even break-ups and divorces with funny gag-line and image reveals.

Contact Dennis Romano, or Contact form.

Do you want to make custom scratch-off game images but don't own Photoshop or image editing software? No problem.

Create beautiful graphics like a pro! Here are 2 resources you can use for free for your Priiize Scratch-Off Campaigns…

Create custom prize and gift images for free
Free Creative Resource to make your scratch-off prize images (Select "Cards" and "Logos" at

Use Priiize Scratch-offs to send out invitations and announcements for Save The Date, Wedding, Bridal, Birthday, Quinceañera, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, and Gender Reveal to friends, family and co-workers.

Scratch-Offs for Fundraising

Use Priiize scratch-offs to reward donors after they contribute.

Priiize uses a template system to help you build and manage your scratch-offs campaigns and games in real-time.

  • Each scratch-off cards make realistic scratching sound.
  • Unlimited prize offers, players and scratchers with each campaign. This campaign was edited to deliver six different denominations for donations – $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, and $10. 
  • After a player makes their donation they either in person or online through your website,  they are rewarded with hundreds of dollars of free coupons as a thank you for their donation.
  • Use Priiize scratch-offs to solicit donations using our virtual scratch-off templates and donors make payments by linking to a landing page on your website with payment options.

Step 1.

Donor makes a donation on your platform and then receives an email notifier thanking them for their donation and includes a link to play your scratch-off game.

Digital Scratch-Offs Used For Fundraising

Step 2.

Donor plays your scratch-off game to reveal a “Thank-You” and link to retrieve their free valuable coupons in bulk, or from participating retailers offering coupons unavailable to the general public.

Donor plays your scratch-off game to reveal a “Thank-You” and link to retrieve their free valuable coupons in bulk, or from participating retailers offering coupons unavailable to the general public.

Step 3.

Coupon Rewards
Reward contributors with hundreds of dollars of free coupons for their donations.
Reward contributors with free coupons as a thank-you for their donations.

Have donors share your scratch-off game on social networks with friends and family.

Have scratch-off winners share your games on their social networks

Virtual Scratch-Offs Gamification for Delicious Orchards Coupon prize using Scratch-offs
Winners prize claim form submitted for validation

Link your scratch-off cards
to your online register-to-play forms.

Scratch-Offs Claim Form – create a gateway on your website and or CRM software program to collect winner’s names, phone numbers, and email addresses by linking to popular CRM and website email programs such as MailChimp, ConstantContact, Salesforce, Hubspot, Insightly, SendInBlue, Pipedrive, and Freshworks to name a few.

Virtual Scatched off game card
This online and brick-and-mortar retailer used QR codes throughout their stores to win valuable coupon discounts and free swag only available instore at point of purchase for higher conversions.
Gamification for business rings increased sales volumns for retailers and restaurants.
Sports Bar Scratch-Off Game by
This football-themed scratch-off game for sports bars, sporting goods stores, and fantasy football parties gives the illusion of 9 scratch-off squares like on lottery tickets. It is one image sliced into nine squares. The goal is to match 3-of-a-kind. This mobile marketing campaign has ten different prize levels, and each prize image has different icons. This type of ticket works excellent with all industries.
sports bar promotion using Priiize virtual scratch-off cards for patrons
football-theme scratch-off game for sports bars
New Look scratch-off game to boost sales and customer engagements at each store location
This brick-and-mortar scratch-off game for retailers uses QR codes throughout store aisles and clothing racks for shoppers to win extra valuable coupons only available instore while shopping to encourage a higher number and dollar volume of in-store purchases pre-checkout. All they had to do was show the store cashier their winning coupon at checkout.
gamification for business Scratch-off games generator software
Drive customer engagement with QR codes to play a scratch-off game
Scratch-Offs Generator 2
This Super-Jackpot Scratch & Win game uses a Priiize background image (free download) and the graphic designer created a round prize image as an animated gif to produce the "WINNER!" flashing text colors.
Virtual scratch-off validation method

Play this virtual scratch-off game.

You May Be a Winner!

A gold coin will appear and make a scratching sound-effect with each stroke of your finger or mouse cursor to reveal your prize.


Priiize Scratch-Offs Features

Sell more stuff. Build brand awareness and loyalty.

Basic Scratch-Offs Generator: No setup fees, web-based-dashboard, multiple offers (unlimited) for each campaign; free unique game link and QR code are automatically generated for each campaign.

Scratch-Offs Generator 3

Unlimited Number of Prizes

Add unlimited number of prizes to each campaign.

Scratch-Offs Generator 4

Unlimited Number of Players

Priiize Scratch-off games have no limits for the number of players for each campaign.

Scratch-Offs Generator 5

User Friendly

The admin panel is easy to use and changes are go live instantly

Gamification Users

Scratch-Offs Generator 6


Digital scratch-off cards are used in mobile marketing by online and brick-and mortar retailers, restaurants, transportation, hospitality, beauty care, service businesses, auto dealers, casinos, sports, bars, events, and entertainment venues among others.

Scratch-Offs Generator 7


Banks, lending institutions, colleges, and universities use digital scratch-off games to build databases of potential new leads to re-market to. Government agencies use use scratch-off games at events and conferences, and employee programs.

Scratch-Offs Generator 8


Wholesalers, Distribution Centers, and Corporations use digital scratch-off cards for sales rewards, employee recognition awards, safety programs, attendance programs, trades show traffic building campaigns, and corporate sponsored events.


VS Tracking software testimonial for Priiize virtual scratch-off games

Dennis, just fyi, regarding using your virtual scratch off game, let’s just say that it’s added a ton of excitement, engagement and hundreds more new leads to our campaign as a sponsor of NOVA’s event…absolutely would not have been this successful without Priiize and all of your help!

Frank Elge,
VS Tracking Software

Northeast WI Technical College - Janev Smith

Our Digital Scratch Off game went great for our Student event! It took a little time for me to understand how it ran and set it up but once I got that down and launched it, the game ran without a hitch. Whenever I had a question or didn’t understand something Dennis responded quickly, either by phone or email, and took the time to walk me through things. We will work with and run it again in the near future!

Janev Smith,
Northeast WI Technical College uses Priiize for free giveaways on Facebook

“The value of to me lies in its simplicity – the ability for non-technical small business owners like me to create something that might otherwise take hundreds of dollars to set up and hundreds more each time I want to tweak it.”

Charles Tan,

Priiize is a must for small businesses in the COVID-19 business climate

“Priiize is simple to set-up and use, cost-effective, and has unprecedented product and marketing support. Kudos to Dennis Romano of Priiize for setting up a much-needed solution for small businesses that can be executed immediately. Priiize is a must for businesses in the COVID-19 business climate. It is a way to market and distinguish our business from the competition while creating goodwill with potential customers and employees.”

Cindy Paglia
Apag International Inc.

Priiize Virtual Scratch-Off Games Generator

Scratch-Off Game

*1 Campaign

Scratch-Off Game

*1 Campaign
$ 15 month

Scratch-Off Games

*3 Campaigns
$ 24 month

Scratch-Off Games

*100 Campaigns
$ 375 month

New Features and More Campaign Plans Available Starting Monday, August 10, 2020!

Price List

Stripe Checkout – All major credit cards accepted – 37 International Currencies. 100% money-back guarantee.

Stripe Checkout - All major credit cards accepted. 100% money-back guarantee.


Each Priiize Campaign Includes

  • Unlimited scratch-off cards for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Game Plays for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Game Players for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Prizes for each campaign
  • Customize with your logo
  • Customizable Text
  • Customizable expiration dates

Other Scratch-off Card Services Available

Customization of Scratch-off Games and Campaigns are available including custom programming such as registration forms to play, redemption and validation steps, systems integration, theme graphics, campaign management and monitoring, prize shipping and handling, fulfillment, and more.

The possibilities are endless, so please ask! – Request for more information on the contact form below.

How to Make Scratch-Offs – Instructions using the pre-populated scratch-off cards template.

Make Virtual Scratch-offs for Coupons & Discount Cards for Store Customers, To Reward Staff Working Remotely, Virtual Trade Shows, Fundraising, Baby Shower Gift-Reveals, Gender Reveals, Set The Date, Wedding & Party Gift Reveals, Games & Announcements.

Custom Scratch-offs

We also provide turn-key managed programs from conception, planning, graphics, programming, game implementation, campaign promotions, advertising, monitoring, reporting, and prize management and fulfillment. 

  • Businesses
  • Educational Institutions
  • Financial Businesses
  • Foundations Fundraising
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