First Step: Register to access your free digital scratch-off game template

…then follow the steps below to make your scratch-offs cards.

(A) Click “Plan“. A new window will open and select the “Free Plan“. 

A new window will open and select either the free plan or a paid plan. No credit card is needed for a free plan.

(B) Click “Campaign“.

(2) Click “Campaign“.

Start with the pre-populated Basic Scratch-off Game Template titled "Save Up To 60% Off". This is 100% editable, and has all admin features.

(A) Click the blueDetails button to start.

Start with the pre-populated scratch-off template titled "Save Up To 60% Off"
100% editable Pre-populated Basic Scratch-off Game Template
Starter Template -
Totally customizable to make your own branding design.

Priiize Scratch-off Game Template editable parts

1. This is the Basic Scratch-off Game Template on Priiize.

This is the pre-populated scratch-off with six prize levels. The prize levels are set up for 60%, 50%, 40%, 30% and 25% off discounts. 

Upload your logo to replace the logo. Edit, add or delete game prizes to fit your needs. Change font sizes and colors, and color background – or use as is.

Priiize, the Pre-populated Basic Scratch-off Game Generator

Free Scratch-Off Background Images, or upload your own images.

2. You can customize the Basic Scratch-off Game Template with your creativity. 

These super looking scratch-off games were created using the Basic Priiize Scratch-off Games Template.

Modify the template with your own images and choice of colors. If you have a question, need help, or ideas for your scratchers contact us.

Do you want to make custom scratch-off game images but don't own Photoshop or image editing software? No problem.

Create beautiful graphics like a pro! Here are 2 resources you can use for free for your Priiize Scratch-Off Campaigns…

Two Free Creative Resources: Make your scratch-off prizes, awards and gift images, and logo or name for free – Create stunning images and backgrounds using a free art generator service like, or Picture To People.  In Canva, first, select “Cards” for a square size. Create your image, save as “.jpg” and download it to your computer. Then upload the image to your Priiize scratch-off template.

Use this same scratch-off template to Create Your Own Invitations & Announcement Virtual Scratch-off Cards.

Use Priiize Scratch-offs to send out invitations and announcements for Save The Date, Wedding, Bridal, Birthday, Quinceañera, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, and Gender Reveal to friends, family and co-workers.

Create custom prize and gift images for free
Free Creative Resource to make your scratch-off prize images (Select "Cards" and "Logos" at

This scratch-off campaign template is pre-populated with six prizes. The prizes are 60%, 50%, 40%, 30% and 25% off.

Each prize is set in text and is editable. You can add more prizes or delete the ones there now. We recommend you go through this template to learn and to get familiar with the editing tools and make your total changes afterward.

And of course, you can use this campaign as-is. It is a powerhouse revenue-generating scratch-off game used by top global retail brands that offer coupons in the lower tier percentages and make everyone a winner.

STEP 1. Basic Info

You can change the (A)Campaign Name” and (B)Description, “or leave it as-is while going through this lesson. You will want to change it when you create your actual scratch-off game. (C) Select Scratch & Win” from drop down menu. (D) Set your “Timezone” in the dropdown menu. This is important because it will tie-in with your expiration date(s).

STEP 2. - Prize

This campaign has (5) five prizes, one in each row. To edit a prize or upload a prize image click, it’s blue pencil icon in the last column “I.” To turn a prize off, click its blue toggle button in column “H.” To trash a prize, click the trash can icon in the column “I.” 

How to edit your prize text or upload a prize image

To edit a prize, click its blue pencil icon in the last column “I” and shown above. This new window to make prize edits will display.

A” is for a prize headline text that will be displayed on the screen after the scratch-off reveal. There is a max of 14 characters to fit in this row.

B” is for the second row of headline text if you want, otherwise leave it blank. There is a max of 14 characters to fit in this row.

C” – This option is for using a prize image instead of text. Click “Choose File” to upload from your computer or mobile device. 

All prize images need to at the same size. Square is best. And the same if you are making a scratch-off pad as an image. 

By default, a scratch-off pad with “Scratch Here” will automatically display above prize images of prizes set in text.

D” – Name your prize image.

E” – Type in the total number to be awarded of this specific prize. This field needs to be filled-in whether the award is in text or an image.

Once the total prize number is reached, Priiize will shut it off automatically. If you want to add more of that prize over the allotment, change the amount in this field to the higher new number you wish to award.  See note *Prize totals are cumulative.

After you have finished, click “Update” to save your changes.

"E" - Important note

*Prize totals are cumulative. – For scratch-off games where you want to give away a certain prize allotment over multiple periods, you need to add the number of prizes to the previous period’s figure of awards.

For example, if you wanted to give away (10) ten “30% Off Coupons” per week over (4) four weeks for a total of (40) forty, you would populate field “E” by adding (10) to the number of prizes in the previous week:

WEEK 1 – Set “Prize Total” to 10
WEEK 2 – Set “Prize Total” to 20
WEEK 3  – Set “Prize Total” to 30
WEEK 4 – Set “Prize Total” to 40

Prize totals appear under the “Pending” column totals (See in “Step 2. – Prize” the letter “H” column). Prizes that are not won or claimed will remain in the “Pending” column. You need to calculate in the total, so at the end of (4) weeks, it adds up to (40) “30% Off Coupon” prizes.

STEP 3. Preview

Create your design.  

Click Step 1

Click Step 1, and a dropdown will open.  In this step:
(A) Upload your logo image.
(B) Optional – Upload a background image – either a step-and-repeat or a full-background image; otherwise skip this step, you will be able to change the background color in Step 4 using the color selector tool.
(C) If you do upload a background image select if it is a step-and-repeat, or a full background image.
(D) Add game rules in the text box provided. 

Click Step 2, and a dropdown will open.  In this step:
(A) Add up to 3 rows of headline text that will appear under your logo.
(B)Validity*” – this is the text that will appear above your expiration date.
(C) “Custom TEXT for your hyperlink*” – add your custom text here.
(D) Custom “HYPERLINK*” – add your custom URL link here. Link it to your website, CRM landing page, E-mail and phone number capture forms, etc.

Set time delay before customers can replay your game again. You have two options to choose from:
(1) End of Day – This is the default setting. Customers cannot play again to win a prize or award until the following day. Use this option if you want to encourage and give a good reason for shoppers to come to your store more frequently.
(2) Custom Hours – Set time delay longer than the end of the day of winning – use this feature if you do not want a customer to play and win again for another week, month, or not again during the duration of your scratch-off game campaign.

custom baby shower scratch-off(3) Immediate Replay for controlled games – Perfect for surprise gift-giving reveals for Baby Showers, Weddings, Birthdays, Gender Reveals, and Set-The-Date Announcements, etc. – Use this feature when you want the gift recipient to keep playing the scratch-off over-and-over to reveal a new gift each time from each and every loved ones like in Jennifer’s Baby Shower Scratch offs

Free Creative Resource Suggestion – To create stunning gift images and backgrounds use a free art service like  Select “Cards” for square size. Then download your image and upload to your scratch-off game. 

Select your scratch-off game background colors, scratch-off spot, prize background color, and font colors and sizes.

Click on each description color bar, and its color picker drops down (as shown in the screenshot) to select the color of your choice. It will automatically display the mobile phone’s visual layout on the right.

The visual layout is to view edits. Your actual game will display differently and better on your mobile phone screen. You will be able to see using a link in the next Step 4.

STEP 4. - Campaign Status

Set your scratch-off game status and view for proofing with your team.

Select Your Campaign Status
– select from this dropdown menu your campaign status from Draft, Pause, or Live. Please keep it in the Draft mode so you can test and replay it over and over again until you are ready to go live.

– This is your game URL. Use this link to promote the game on your website, social networks, emails, text messages, etc.
QR Code – click “Download and Print QR Code” button to download your game’s unique QR code. Free QR Poster Template.

– Use this link to review and test your game. Right-click on this link and go to “Copy Link Address” to send the URL to your team to proof and test on their mobile phones and devices.

Testimonial uses Priiize for free giveaways on Facebook

“The value of to me lies in its simplicity – the ability for non-technical small business owners like me to create something that might otherwise take hundreds of dollars to set up and hundreds more each time I want to tweak it.”

Charles Tan,


Priiize is a must for small businesses in the COVID-19 business climate

“Priiize is simple to set-up and use, cost-effective, and has unprecedented product and marketing support. Kudos to Dennis Romano of Priiize for setting up a much-needed solution for small businesses that can be executed immediately. Priiize is a must for businesses in the COVID-19 business climate. It is a way to market and distinguish our business from the competition while creating goodwill with potential customers and employees.”

Cindy Paglia
Apag International Inc.

Play this virtual scratch-off game.

You May Be a Winner!

A gold coin will appear and make a scratching sound-effect with each stroke of your finger or mouse cursor to reveal your prize.


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