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How to Make Scratch-Offs

Instructions using Priiize Virtual Scratch & Win Scratch-off Cards Generator.

Instructions using the pre- populated virtual Scratch & Win scratch-off cards cards template.
Make Virtual Scratch-offs
Use Scratch-Offs to generate foot traffic to your trade show booths - give your buyers a reson to stop by and see your new product lines.

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FAQPriiize Virtual Scratch-Offs Frequently Asked Questions

PRICES – Plans and Prices


Make money  passive income.

Make Virtual Scratch-offs for Business for Coupons & Discount Cards for Store Customers, To Reward Staff Working Remotely, Virtual Trade Shows, and Fundraising.

Make Virtual Scratch-offs for Personal Use:  Baby Shower Scratch-Offs Gift-Reveals, Birthday Gifting Reveals, Gift Reveals, Gender Reveals, Set The Date Cards, Personal Games, Funny Gags, and Interactive Greeting Cards.

First Step: Register to access your 5 free virtual scratch-off games and templates.

Includes the following four templates:
(A) Virtual Scratch-Offs,
(B) Virtual Scratch-Offs + Opt-In,
(C) Virtual Scratch-Offs + Prize Claim,
(D) Virtual Scratch-Offs + Opt-In + Prize Claim

Then follow the steps below to make your scratch-offs cards.
Estimated Time: About 15 minutes to make a full working campaign.

(1) Click “Plan“. A new window will open and select the “Free Plan“. 

Click "Plan" and then select either the free plan or a paid plan

(2) Click “Free Trial” blue button. (No credit card is required)

Click "Free Trial"

(3) Click “Campaign“.

(2) Click “Campaign“.

(4) Click A yellow button “Add New Campaign”.

Click A "Add New Campaign"

(5) Click B blue pencil icon

Click B blue pencil icon to start editing your scratch-off game

(5) Select Your Scratch-Off Game Template.

Select A – “Scratch & Win – Opt-in & Claim Template” and click the blue “Submit” button.

NOTE: Select C, to make a simple Scratch & Win Template > click the blue “Submit” button. This Scratch & Win Game template is used in a game where you do not want people to opt-in to play, or submit a prize claim form. This is also good for gift-giving and gender reveals, and merchant coupons and discounts with embedded promo codes in prize images.

If you pick C Scratch & Win Template skip over instructions for the Opt-In and Prize Claim Forms.  Just over-write the content on the default Scratch & Win Template and for Baby Shower Scratch-Offs, Gift Reveals, and Gender Reveals you will want to select “Immediate Replay.” – click here >

Select your scratch-off game template and start making it now
All Priiize Templates are pre-populated except the 'New Campaign (Blank)' template. First-time users should choose any of the Scratch & Win templates and not the 'New Campaign (Blank)' option.

This is the 'Scratch & Win Template' you will be working on.

.This campaign utilizes Priiize’s classic scratch-off game with an Opt-in Form and a Prize Claim Form. It is very intuitive and easy to use. The following steps and diagrams will point out key features to give a broad-stroke of Priiize’s powerful capabilities.

This scratch-off game template is 100% editable – add your logo, overwrite prizes, text, images and colors.

Priiize Virtual Scratch & Win Template
Marketing Opt-In & Prize Claim Forms


This may look like a lot more than it really is. Once you are logged in, you will find it is very simple and easy to use and navigate around in, and even faster to make quick changes and revisions.  

Enter your Basic Info

(A) Name your Scratch-Off Game Campaign  – this is the default template. You can add your own campaign name and description or leave what is there for now while you explore Priiize.

B) Campaign Type  – this will be set to “Scratch & Win [Opt-in & Claim]. Large plans will have multiple Campaign types in its drop-down menu.

C) Timezone  – this is very important to select the time zone your campaign will run in. This will tie-in the dates coupons and prizes are won and must be claimed by the rules you set. Click the triangle icon for your country and time zone.

Enter a campaign name here

Prizes Set-up


(A) Prize Image  – if you upload a prize image it will display in the box. 
TIP If you use a Prize Image it will also display in the Prize Claim Email Notifier – using an image will bypass the 14 character limit per line using text for prizes displayed as text, not an image. (Shown in screenshot under “EMAIL NOTIFIERS for Prize Claims” towards the bottom of this page)

B) Description  – prize description will display here.

C) Prize Type  – Prize identifiers display here.

(D) Total  – the total number of prizes you allot to give away for each prize. You can add, delete or pause prize allotments on the fly.

(E) Winner/Loser  –  total number of Winners or Loser who have Won to date.  Winners/Losers are updated in real time as people play through the game. Hit your refresh button to clear your computer cache to ensure you are viewing the latest totals. You can add, delete or pause prize allotments in real time on the fly.

(F) Pending  –  total number of prizes left in inventory to date.

(G) On/Off Status  –  turn any prize on or off in real time during the campaign. This feature is good to use for campaigns that run for weeks or months at a time. You can “Pause” and space out grand and high-value prizes evenly and turn on “Live” to be won in order to keep engagement and  excitement going at a high level.

(H) Edit a prize  –  click the blue pencil to edit a prize.

(I) Trash  –  trash a prize by clicking on the trash can icon.

(J) Add Prize  –  click the blue button to add a new prize. You can add as many prizes as you want, there are no limits

Scratch-Off Games Templates Online 1

Add a New Prize - as HTML Text


(A) Click Blue “Text” button  – if you upload a prize image it will display in the box

(B) Description  – add prize description here. This will display on the prize square under the scratch-off pad. Text cannot go beyond 14 characters per line. 

(C) Prize Total  – type in the total prize allotment for this prize.

(D) Validation Code  – turn on or off if you want this prize to have a unique validation code automatically generated and matched with prize approvals or rejections. This feature is recommended for high-value prizes. Each prize won will have its own unique Prize Claim Number and Admin Validation Number to keep for your records. This will provide proof that a prize was won and validated especially if there is an accidental or nefarious attempt to claim a high-value prize multiple times.

(E) Claim Form  –  Turn on or off what information you want Winners to provide you on their Prize Claim Form.


Add a new prize using HTML text

Add a New Prize - As An Image

TIP: If you want to create prize images but don’t have access to Photoshop use or Picture To People creation tools to make stunning prize images, backgrounds, and logos for free.


(A) Click the “Image” button and it will highlight to blue when activated

(B) Image – Choose File  – click this icon to upload your prize image to your scratch-off game. Prize images sized at 300 x 300 pixels at 72 dpi are ideal. 

(C) Prize Name  – type in the prize name. This is just for reading the prize description on the prize panel. It DOES NOT display along with the prize image. It you want text, you have to embed it on your prize image to be read on your game.

(D) Prize Description   – type in the prize name. This is just for reading the prize description on the prize panel. It DOES NOT display along with the prize image.

(E) Prize Total  – type in the total prize allotment for this prize.


Add a New Prize As An Image

Scratch-off Game Customization & Previews


(A) MenuHorizontal Navigation Tabs each tab in this menu is to adjust  settings, customizing and editing.

(B) Menu for items within each tab in the horizontal menu – customization of each module. 


Scratch-off Campaign Preview - View Your Preview Admin Panel Overview

Logo, Headline, and Other Text

GENERAL OVERVIEW SOME OF THE TABS  – explore each tab, it is very intuitive and easy to use. We will highlight a few so you become more familiar with it.

(A) “Global” Tab

As you click on the horizontal menu the items in the vertical menu change. This is where you will upload your company logo, or if you do not have a logo, you can type in a name in Logo Type, adjust the font size and color.

(B) Logo – customization. 

(C) Logo – upload a logo image, or typeset it manually as one line of text so it fits within the dotted line box. Keep it at one line, not more otherwise it will not display correctly.

(D) Text – type in your company name here. If you upload an image, ignore this setting.

(E) Logo Text size – if you typeset your logo.

(E) Logo Color – if you typeset your logo. Click on the black color box and it will open up to a color picker tool.

(G) Logo Height – if you want to set a logo image to a specific size use this otherwise ignore it. Priiize will automatically size your logo to fit in the maximum area allowed for mobile phone best practices.


Upload your logo image or type in as HTML text

Opt-In Form

OPT-IN TAB  – this is the first screen a player sees, they will need to opt-in and agree to your rules, terms, and conditions typically like agreeing to receive future promotion offers in order to play and win prizes.

(A) “Opt-In” Tab click it.

(B) Text Before – Customize the text before the Facebook and Google buttons. 

Click the other tabs to edit text on this form and the “Play” button.


Opt In Form for your Players to play your scratch-off game

Scratch-offs Pad Customization

PLAY TAB  – customize the “Scratch-Here” pad colors, and small text at bottom of your virtual scratch-off card

(A) “Play” Tab click it.

(B) Scratch-off Pad – Customize colors and font sizes. You can set the text by hand or upload an image. By default, the “Play Here” will display in white text on a black scratch-of pad. You can also upload an image instead but you will have to embed the text on the image.

An image will override the the text version. Prize images do not have to be square. They can be a round color dot, a star shape or photo.  Make it a png or gif with a transparent background on the outside of the round art.

NEW! 49 New Prize Pad & Background Images! – Free Download

(C) Background Color – Customize color of your ‘Scratch-Here” pad with your typeset text. 


Set up scratch off boxes

Winner Prize Image and or Text Box

PREVIEW > PLAY TAB  – Customize play and replay settings prizes and gift reveals and gender reveals here.

(A) “Winner” Tab click it.

(B) Prize “Winner” Pad – Customize colors and font sizes for prize boxes, claim validation, submit button, and fireworks. Fireworks explode for 5 seconds in the background on a winning scratch-off. It looks very cool and adds to the excitement. Fireworks can be turned on or off.


Set up the Prize box on your scratch-off game

Prize Claims - Limit Time For Next Time To Play and Setting Prize Claim Expiration Date.

There are two settings to be aware of, one is “NEXT PLAY” which is the time delay or time limit you set for someone to be able to replay your game again. The second setting is “TIME EXPIRATION” which is the time limit you set for winners to be eligible to claim their prize or forfeit their prize.


Set the Time Limit to Re Play Again – in hours, a day, week, month, or never.


(A) “Next Play” Tab click it.

(B) Next Play After (Hours)* – Set the time that players can play your game again. Set it by hours, end-of-day, custom number of hours, or set it to an exact day and time on the (C) Custom Hours– the system calculates “Custom Hours” by the number of hours you set for a player to play again. In the example below, the desired amount of time was 1 WEEK. So you calculate 24 (hrs in a day) x 7 days (for a week) and it is 168 hours until the Next Play After.

SPECIAL NOTE:  For Baby Shower Scratch-Offs, Gift Reveals, and Gender Reveals “Next Play” setting click here >

This ties-in with the Time Zone selected when you started your game.


Setting for Next Play
Next Play custom hours setting

SPECIAL NOTE: "Next Play" Instructions For Baby Shower Scratch-Offs, Gift Reveals, and Gender Reveals. This is also excellent for displaying multiple coupons and discounts using prize images with embedded promo codes or instructions how to redeem.

PREVIEW > PLAY TAB > NEXT PLAY TAB  – Customize next reply here to advance each new gift image.

(A) “3 Preview” Tab click it.

(B) “PLAY” Tab – click it

(C)NEXT PLAY” Tab – click it

(D) Go to “3. Immediate Replay” and click the little triangle icon to display the drop down menu and select “Immediate Replay.”


LIVE DEMOJennifer’s Baby Shower Scratch-off Cards.  (Best if viewed on a cellphone for the actual user experience)

To read the blog post on this subject click here.

"Next Play" Instructions For Baby Shower Scratch-Offs, Gift Reveals, and Gender Reveals

— End of special instructions for Baby Shower Gift Reveals and Gender Reveals —


PREVIEW > CLAIM EXPIRATION TAB  – Customize prize claims here.

(A) “Claim Expiration” Tab click it.

(B) Claim Expiration After (Hours) – Set the time that players can claim their prize. Set it by hours, end-of-day, custom number of hours, weeks, months, etc, or set it to an exact day and time on the (C) Calendar.  This ties-in with the Time Zone selected when you started your game.


Prize claim expiration

Prize Claims

PREVIEW > CLAIM FORM > TITLE TAB  – Customize your claim form here.

(A) “Claim Form” Tab click it.

(B) Customize Settings – Set the text, notes, colors and button for your Winners Prize Claim Form, Note, Email Notifier, and more. 


Prize Claim Form Setup

Prize Claim Submission Form

PREVIEW > THANK YOU > CLAIM SUBMITTED TAB  – Customize your players Prize Claim form here. Let them know their prize claim is under review for approval. Review to approve or reject and notify them back from within your admin panel with one-click. 

(A) “Thank You” Tab click it.

(B) Claim Submitted – Customize your prize claim text, approval and reject email text, claim expiration cause, and CTA (Call to action link). 


Prize Claim "Thank You" page set up.


Add Custom Fill-In Fields On Prize Claim Forms

CLICK (A) PREVIEW > (B) CLAIM FORM > (C) ADDITIONAL FIELDS > (D) Field Name  – Add and customize additional fill-in fields on your PRIZE CLAIM FORM. In the example below we added “Employee ID Number” as a custom field.  Click (E) + Add New to add more custom fields. They will populate under the last field in your form. They cannot be re-positioned to a different row. You can turn on and off by clicking the blue circle check mark and delete the field by clicking the “X” at the end of it’s row.


New Feature - Add custom fields on PRIZE CLAIM FORM

CTA - Call To Action Text Link

PREVIEW > THANK YOU > CTA TAB  – Customize a line of text that links back to your website or scratch-off game landing page. Drive traffic back to your site for re-marketing, or as a customer service landing page for Prize Winners and Losers.


Call to Action text link customization

Campaign Status

Campaign Status Admin Panel – Set game to Live, Live With Dates, or review in Draft mode, or set to Pause.
Two Links are provided for your scratch-off game – one for Live Game and the other to test your game while in development.

See break downs below

Set your Campaign to Live, Draft, Pause, or Live With Dates


(A) Select Campaign Status to Live, Draft, Pause, Live, and Live With Dates.


(C) Live Game Link – each game generates its own unique URL and downloadable QR Code to give to your players and post on marketing materials.

(D) QR Code – print to your desktop printer

(E) QR Code – download as a PNG file to your computer or mobile device. 

(F) Campaign Administrator URL Link – This URL is good for testing because it allows you to play the game over and over without a time-delay. It generates a “Replay” button for fast replays. Always review and proof your games on a cellphone for a true representation whether using this link or the Live Game URL.

Campaign status reports

“Live with Dates” setting.

(A) Select “Live with Dates” from the drop down menu.

(B) Select “Start Date” click the clock icon and a calendar will pop up and click on the day and time you want your game to start.

(C) Select “End Date” click the clock icon and a calendar will pop up and click on the day and time you want your game to start.

"Live with Dates" Setting On.

Campaign Results


(A) “Facebook, Google & Email Opt-Ins To Play” Tab click it.

Here is the complete list of everyone who filled out the Opt-In Form with the date, Provider, Email, and Name.This report can be Exported as an Excel, CSV, and PDF doc; and all columns can be toggled by clicking the “Toggle Columns” link

Scratch-off Campaign Results Report


(A) “Game Winners PriZe Claims” Tab click it.

(B) EXPORT Download Report Tab as an Excel, CSV, and PDF doc

Here is the complete list of everyone who filled out the Prize Claim Form with the date, name, address, email, phone number, prize, Claim number, validation number, and button to generate an email to Approve or Reject claims. The emails go to the winners from within the dashboard with one-click.

(C) TOGGLE COLUMNS Select which columns you want to display in your report.

Prize Claim List of Winners

EMAIL NOTIFIERS for Prize Claims

(D) EMAIL NOTIFIERS  Select ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ buttons to notify Winner Prize Claims. Customize both notifiers with your custom message and how to redeem their prize, or the reason why their prize claim was rejected.

GOOD PRACTICE NOTE: You can only send email notifiers out and not receive so you should include your company email address and or phone number on the default Email Template in case a Winner or Loser needs to contact you or update their address.

Email Notifier for Prize Claim Form Winners

Note: About migrating your virtual scratch-off game to a paid plan.

If you made 1 free virtual scratch-off game and plan on using it make sure to select the matching game template at time of purchase so everything seamlessly migrates over without lose of work otherwise you will have to built you game from scratch again.

For example, if your free trial game is using the “Scratch & Win + Prize Claim Template” then select the “Scratch & Win + Prize Claim Template” from list of prize plans at time of purchase. Everything will intact and not lose your campaigns work, prizes and all Prize Claim settings. If you have built multiple games on different template and want to use them, then select a plan with the Campaign Templates Full Template Library.


VS Tracking software testimonial for Priiize virtual scratch-off games

Dennis, just fyi, regarding using your virtual scratch off game, let’s just say that it’s added a ton of excitement, engagement and hundreds more new leads to our campaign as a sponsor of NOVA’s event…absolutely would not have been this successful without Priiize and all of your help!

Frank Elge,
VS Tracking Software

Northeast WI Technical College - Janev Smith

Our Digital Scratch Off game went great for our Student event! It took a little time for me to understand how it ran and set it up but once I got that down and launched it, the game ran without a hitch. Whenever I had a question or didn’t understand something Dennis responded quickly, either by phone or email, and took the time to walk me through things. We will work with and run it again in the near future!

Janev Smith,
Northeast WI Technical College uses Priiize for free giveaways on Facebook

“The value of to me lies in its simplicity – the ability for non-technical small business owners like me to create something that might otherwise take hundreds of dollars to set up and hundreds more each time I want to tweak it.”

Charles Tan,

Priiize is a must for small businesses in the COVID-19 business climate

“Priiize is simple to set-up and use, cost-effective, and has unprecedented product and marketing support. Kudos to Dennis Romano of Priiize for setting up a much-needed solution for small businesses that can be executed immediately. Priiize is a must for businesses in the COVID-19 business climate. It is a way to market and distinguish our business from the competition while creating goodwill with potential customers and employees.”

Cindy Paglia
Apag International Inc.

Free Brochure PDF Download - Priiize Virtual Scratch-Off Cards Generator
Free Brochure Download - Priiize Virtual Scratch-Off Cards Generator

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