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Creative ways on how to promote scratch-off games.

3 Ways To Promote Scratch-Off Gameification

Virtual Scratch-Offs Gamification for Delicious Orchards Coupon prize using Scratch-offs
Virtual Scratch-Offs Gamification for Delicious Orchards Coupon prize using Scratch-offs

How to Promote Scratch-Off Games

Promote: Customers will need a way to get to your scratch-off game. Here are the ways how brands do it online, and offline.

3 ways to promote scratch-off games - on text messages, websites and in store signage using hyperlinks and QR codes.

Promote Your Unique Game Link and or QR code on:

  • Websites, emails, blogs, social media posts, and kiosks.
  • And on printed media: signs, posters, flyers, hand-outs, cards, print ads and mailers, and display on your website, computer, and TV monitors.
  • Another option is to use an SMS mobile messaging service such as TextMagic and SimpleTextin. They will send your URL and or QR code via text messages to your clients. They are very inexpensive to send (less than a penny each) and many offer free versions of their service based on meeting certain quantities criteria.

Promoting Scratch-off Games by text and image links on the Internet on websites, email promos, blogs, social media posts, kiosks, and SMS text messages and push notifications.


Text link:

Boot Hut Fire Sale! Play our instant win Scratch-Off Game for a chance to win up to 50% off your next purchase at Boot Hut. Play Now. You could be a winner! – Click here.

Button link:

Boot Hut Fire Sale! Play our instant win Scratch-Off Game for a chance to win up to 50% off your next purchase at Boot Hut.

Image link:

Boot Hut Fire Sale! Play our instant win Scratch-Off Game for a chance to win up to 50% off


QR code for Boothut scratch-off game demo. Scan this QR to play the game.Boot Hut also promotes Scratch-off Games in-stores by QR code – each game generates its own unique QR Code image print on your in-store signs, posters, flier handouts, cards; and also display on your website, and computer and TV monitors. Customers scan QR Code with their smartphone to play your Scratch-off Game. The best games are ones where everyone is a winner.


Website homepage promoting the Hot Sale! Scratch-Off Game

Hang Tags:

Hang Tag for Hot Sale! Scratch-Off Game

Lanyards for Store Associates

Promote game with QR code on lanyards for store associates to wear in store

Store Signage:

Hot Sale! Scratch-Off Game

What is a QR Code?

QR code is a maze-like looking icon that is scanned using a QR Reader on your smartphone or tablet. 

Demo scratch-off game QR code to playHow do I scan the QR Code? – You point your smartphone camera at the code, and it does the rest. The QR code can create a text link that, when clicked on, takes your customer to your scratch-off game; or takes the customer directly to your game to play without a text link.

If you use an iPhone, you already have a QR Reader app installed on your iPhone.

If you have a Droid Phone, you have to download a free QR Reader in your AppStore or Google Play.

Search the term “QR Reader,” and several will display to choose from and download. 

Make custom scratch off coupons

Drive foot-traffic to your retail establishment, and online shoppers to your website.

Do-It-Yourself Basic Scratch-Offs. Make them fast, and easily.

Priiize is an economical and easy-to-use solution for do-it-yourself marketers. It uses a template system to help you build and manage your scratch-off campaigns.

Make custom scratch off coupons
This virtual scratch-off card was made by a graphic designer who created a round prize image and scratch-off dot, and an excellent color background image. Priiize offers free background images or uses your own. Create a link to your CRM landing page or website to collect winners' contact data.
Connect scratch-off games winners with your CRM program to collect personal data

Link your scratch-off game to a landing page on your CRM program or a website page with a web form. Have players register to redeem and receive their prize, or to play the game, or sign up to receive newsletters, future promotions, or any other remarketing criteria to build your database of new customers.

Play this virtual scratch-off game.

You May Be a Winner!

A gold coin will appear and make a scratching sound-effect with each stroke of your finger or mouse cursor to reveal your prize.


Priiize is a fun way to serve coupons, be used in promotions where everyone’s a winner of something, and for human-to-human sales traffic-building programs like for giveaways at trade show booths. Priiize is not to be used with high-value awards because it does not have a validation system. The only way to have record validations is to include a UPC on your prize images so that they can be scanned in your POS system, or have humans monitor it.

Custom Scratch-off Games for your mobile marketing.

We also provide turn-key programs from managed planning, graphics, programming, game implementation, campaign promotion and advertising, monitoring, reporting, and prize management and fulfillment.

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