3 Ways How To Promote Scratch-Off Games for Promotions

How to promote your scratch-off games.

Lure and Reward.

Promote: Customers will need a way to get to your scratch-off game. Here are the ways how brands do it online, and offline.

3 ways to promote scratch-off games - on text messages, websites and in store signage using hyperlinks and QR codes.

Promote Your Unique Game Link and or QR code on:

  • Websites, emails, blogs, social media posts, and kiosks.
  • And on printed media: signs, posters, flyers, handouts, cards, print ads and mailers, and display on your website, computer, and TV monitors.
  • Another option is to use an SMS mobile messaging service. They will send your clients your URL and QR code via text messages. They are very inexpensive to send (less than a penny each), and many offer free versions of their service based on meeting specific quantity criteria.

Promoting Scratch-off Games by text and image links on the Internet on websites, email promos, blogs, social media posts, kiosks, and SMS text messages and push notifications.

Lure and Reward.

These examples below are all demos; prizes won are for illustration only and are not redeemable.


Text link:

Boot Hut Fire Sale! Play our instant win Scratch-Off Game for a chance to win up to 50% off your next purchase at Boot Hut. Play Now. You could be a winner! – Click here.

Button link:

Boot Hut Fire Sale! Play our instant win Scratch-Off Game for a chance to win up to 50% off your next purchase at Boot Hut.

Image link:

Boot Hut Fire Sale! Play our instant win Scratch-Off Game for a chance to win up to 50% off


QR CODE for BOOTHUT SCRATCH-OFF GAMEBoot Hut also promotes Scratch-off Games in-store by QR code – each game generates its unique QR Code image printed on your in-store signs, posters, flier handouts, and cards; and displayed on your website and computer and TV monitors. Customers scan QR codes with their smartphones to play your Scratch-off Game. The best games are ones where everyone is a winner.


Website homepage promoting the Hot Sale! Scratch-Off Game

Hang Tags:

Hang Tag for Hot Sale! Scratch-Off Game

Lanyards for Store Associates

Promote game with QR code on lanyards for store associates to wear in store

Store Signage:

Hot Sale! Scratch-Off Game
QR Code is used by retailers for customers to scan to play Scratch-Off Games, Capture Phone Numbers & Email Addresses.

3. SMS Mobile Marketing

Maximize marketing gamification for business and eCommerce sites. Increase Lead Generations, Conversions, Average Orders, and Brand Awareness with SMS Mobile Marketing.

Text messages engage and excite customers, turning conversations into conversions.

Retailers use their existing SMS platform to gain new customers and to play their Priiize scratch-off games.

Drive traffic with SMS messages!Retailers use their existing SMS platforms to tie into their Priiize Scratch-offs campaigns to acquire new customers while giving them their game’s URL to play all in one step:

  1. Create a QR Code for customers to scan at retail locations.
  2. The QR code takes customers to their SMS platform to opt-in first to play and agree to receive future promotions. (Also add this verbiage to your games’ Rules, Terms, and Conditions). 
  3. After a person submits their phone number, it then takes them to the Priiize scratch-off to play your campaign.
Diagram - retailers tie in Priiize Scratch-offs with their SMS platform to capture new customer cell phone numbers and email addresses.

New Feature! Opt-In Access Codes

Use on the Scratch & Win + Claim, Scratch & Win + Opt-in, and Scratch & win + Optin + Claim Templates. 

Opt-in Access Codes Instructions   |  (Instructions – PDF download)

New Feature! Prize Validation Codes

Use prize validation promo codes in any of the four templates.
Validate winners and prizes with unique 1x use, limited and unlimited codes.

Prize Validation Codes Instructions   |   (Instructions – PDF download)

Webhook Priiize Integration

Webhook for Priiize Scratch-off Campaigns Integration.

Integrate your favorite software services with your Priiize Scratch-off Campaigns with Webhook. Automate your campaigns with real-time information delivered to your apps. Receive Opt-in and Prize Claim Forms with third-party services like IntegromatPabbly ConnectIntegratedZapierKonnectzit, etc. 

Connect Priiize Webhooks with thousands of Online Apps, SMS, and CRM Email platforms you already use like Salesforce, Hubspot, ConstantContact, Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and thousands more.

For example, here are some of the apps and workflows your teams can share with a Webhook using Zapier.

The free Webhook setup tool and documentation are ready to use.
Look for Webhook on your Priiize dashboard. 
Please consult with your IT Team or Digital Agency for the best solution for your specific needs, or contact Priiize for a free quote.


What is Webhook? A webhook (also called a web callback or HTTP push API) is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information. The webhook delivers Priiize game results data to other applications as it happens in real-time, meaning you get your Priiize scratch-off game campaign data instantly.

Make custom scratch off coupons

Drive foot-traffic to your retail establishment, and online shoppers to your website.

Do-It-Yourself Basic Scratch-Offs. Make them fast, and easily.

Priiize is an economical and easy-to-use solution for do-it-yourself marketers. It uses a template system to help you build and manage your scratch-off campaigns.

Introducing Priiize, Virtual Scratch-Off and Win Cards Generator
This virtual scratch-off card was made by a graphic designer who created a round prize image and scratch-off dot, and an excellent color background image. Priiize offers free background images or uses your own. Create a link to your CRM landing page or website to collect winners' contact data.
Connect scratch-off games winners with your CRM program to collect personal data

Link your scratch-off game to a landing page on your CRM program or a website page with a web form. Have players register to redeem and receive their prize, or to play the game, or sign up to receive newsletters, future promotions, or any other remarketing criteria to build your database of new customers.

Four Live Demos - Play Priiize Scratch-Off Games

This scratch-off game demo features the 
Scratch & Win + Prize Claim Form Template.
This is a demo; prizes won are for illustration only and are not redeemable.

This scratch-off game demo game features the 
Scratch & Win + Prize Claim Form Template used for virtual meetings.
This is a demo; prizes won are for illustration only and are not redeemable.

This scratch-off game demo game features the 
Scratch & Win + Opt-In + Prize Claim forms Template.
This is a demo; prizes won are for illustration only and are not redeemable.

This scratch-off game demo game features the 
Scratch & Win + Prize Claim Form Template. 
This is a demo; prizes won are for illustration only and are not redeemable.

Best Use Cases by Industry.

Priiize Scratch-offs best use cases for Customer and Employee Success, Incentives, Rewards, Engagements, Experiences, and Demand Generation.

Environmentally Friendly Scratch It Tickets – No Trees or Paper Used.

Best use cases by indurty and templates used - Priiize

  • Use scratch-offs to reward employees, salespeople, customers, customer demand generation, employee and customer experiences, and engagements.
  • Increase store foot traffic and website inbound traffic, increase tradeshow traffic.
  • Improve revenues, and boost brand awareness.

22 Best use cases by industry and the Priiize templates they use.

There are hundreds of free addon combinations to build scratch-off campaigns. Here are a few used by our customers. Schedule a free consultation if you need suggestions on what is best for your situation.

Employee Scratch-Offs are an easy, fun, and enriching experience and engagement strategy.

“I get requests from company sales and marketing professionals and event planners asking what the best Priiize scratch-off games templates to use for tradeshows are. Here are the top 3 scenarios.”

“Retail professionals are using scratch-off games to use for their customer demand generation campaigns. Here are some of the ways they do it.”

New! Digital Scratch Card Fundraising and Digital Raffle Tickets Scratch-Off Games. Here are 4 fundraising scenarios using Priiize Scratch-offs.

How to Promote Scratch-Off Games 5

New! Digital Raffle Tickets Scratch-Off Games. Here are two fundraising scenarios using Priiize Scratch-off Raffle Tickets.

Using Priiize Scratch-off Game Template – Scratch & Win + Opt-In + Claim Forms

Prizes include discounts on car repair services and cash payouts.

If you have any questions contact
Dennis Romano at Envision, Priiize Virtual Scratch-offs Games Headquarters
 Send an Email or call 732-922-8800

Planning for Open & Close-Ended Scratch-Off Campaigns.
How to plan the number of prizes to allocate to winners and losers.

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