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Mall promotions using scratch-offs are a great way to excite shoppers about visiting your mall.

Mall Promotions using scratch offs

Mall Promotions

Mall promotions using scratch-offs are a great way to excite shoppers about visiting your mall. Scratch-offs are a fun and interactive way to engage shoppers and encourage them to explore your stores. They can also be a great way to drive traffic to your mall during slow times.

Here are some ideas for how to use scratch-offs in your mall promotions:

    • Give away scratch-offs at the entrance to your mall using QR Codes on Signage. Giving scratch-off cards away using QR codes posted throughout the mall is a great way to welcome shoppers to your mall and get them excited about what they might win during mall promotions.

    • Offer scratch-offs as part of a mall promotion loyalty program. Loyalty campaigns are a great way to reward loyal shoppers and encourage them to return to your mall. For example, having shoppers submit receipts totaling $100 or more for any given day to a Mall Ambassador or customer service desk earns them a scan of the scratch-off game QR code for a chance to win Mall Cash, coupons for future purchases, or free giveaways.

    • Use scratch-offs to promote specific stores or events in your mall promotions. Drive foot traffic to your malls by promoting events, deals, or prizes at specific stores is a great way to drive traffic and excite shoppers about what’s happening at your mall. Promote it on social media, print ads, circulars, direct mail, mall signage, billboards, cable TV, and more. Use opt-in forms on Priiize scratch-off games to collect invaluable data acquisition of shoppers and use them to promote future events via SMS text messages and email blasts.

    • Partner with local businesses to offer scratch-offs. Partnering with merchants in the surrounding area is a great way to get the word out about your mall and partner with local businesses.

Mall Promotions - Priiize Scratch Offs

When creating your Priiize scratch-offs, make them visually appealing and easy to understand. You should also ensure the prizes are valuable enough to motivate shoppers to participate in mall promotions.

Here are some examples of prizes that you could offer for your mall promotions scratch-off cards:

    • Gift cards to stores in your mall
    • Discount Coupons
    • Free Merchandise
    • Tickets to events
    • Cash prizes

Priiize scratch-offs can be a great way to promote your mall and excite shoppers about visiting. Following these tips can create fun, engaging, and rewarding scratch-offs.

Here is some additional information for using scratch-offs in your mall promotions:

    • Make sure the prizes are relevant to your target audience.
    • Keep the scratch-offs simple and easy to understand.
    • Use eye-catching graphics and colors.
    • Promote the scratch-offs throughout your mall.
    • Track the results of your promotion to see what’s working and what’s not.

Mall Loyalty Promotions

Today’s mall shoppers are seeking better engagements and experiences at malls. Cross-brand loyalty programs for malls are the differentiator mall owners and their digital agencies are looking for, as it drives foot traffic and sales and creates an unforgettable experience simultaneously.

Offer Priiize scratch-offs as part of a mall loyalty programIncreased customer referrals are always a vital revenue resource for retailers. Seventy-two percent of loyalty shoppers as they’re likely to recommend your MALL brand to others.

Repeat customer business offers a steady flow of foot traffic during and after mall promotions, creating a reliable store income stream. This is an advantage in these uncertain times of online competition.

Expect higher consumer satisfaction rates when the rewards interest store customers and bring value. Mall shoppers feel appreciated and grateful for and will frequently visit your mall during the campaign duration.

Customers are more likely to publish positive reviews and ratings on social media platforms, positioning them as your mall ambassadors. This is critical for retailers because it is reported that 82 percent of consumers read online reviews when they decide to make a purchase.

With some planning and effort, you can use Priiize scratch-offs to create a fun and engaging promotion to boost your mall’s traffic.

For more information and scratch-off games for mall promotions and ideas for mall retailers, visit Retail Promotional Ideas.

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