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Price List Digital Scratch-Off Games Generator

Each Campaign allows for unlimited scratch-off game plays, unlimited number of players, and prizes.

Scratch-Off Game Price

*1 Campaign Free
$ 0 Full Feature

Scratch-Off Games Price

*4 Campaigns
$ 39 month

Scratch-Off Games Price

*10 Campaigns
$ 69 month

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  • Unlimited scratch-off cards for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Game Plays for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Game Players for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Prizes for each campaign
  • Customize with your logo
  • Customize Text
  • Customize expiration dates

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How To Boost Your Customer Engagement with Virtual Scratch-Off Coupons


The Importance of Mobile scratch-off coupons for customer engagement.

Mobile scratch-off coupons and or prizes are used worldwide by retail merchants, store owners and brands, along with casinos, sports bars, sports events, restaurants, hospitality chains, entertainment venues, special events, beverage companies, food brands, banks, and services businesses. They know customer engagement is everything.

Scratch-off games are excellent for boosting customer engagement and increase purchase volumes.Scratch-off coupons are excellent for boosting customer engagement and increase purchase volumes. Scratch-offs using coupons and or prizes are becoming increasingly popular online.

Everyone loves winning something. Mobile scratch-off coupon coupons help businesses to create excitement at brick-and-mortar establishments and websites.

The goal of virtual scratch-off coupons is to promote your brand through the power and use of the natural inhibition as humans to enjoy playing coupon games. Businesses’ can customize scratch-offs with their company logo and specific branding to give an incredibly tailored and high-quality user experience to their customers.

Scratch-Offs Provide Excellent QR Code Engagement

Mobile scratch-offs also help to promote games on signage with QR codes. Moreover, they provide excellent reach in terms of the variety and quantity of customers who will find the game relevant, enticing, and engageable. even allows for an unlimited Scratch-Offs Provide Excellent QR Code Engagementnumber of gameplays, game players, and prize allotments – you control the settings. Merchants can publish their coupons, special offers, gift-with-purchase offers, and much more. The possibilities for store owners are endless for what is to customers as an incentive to buy from your business.

The Psychology of Mobile Scratch-Off Cards

The simple fact is that customers know they are going to get something when they play the enticing scratch-off, so the psychology of starting something carries them towards the conclusion of the mobile scratch-off card where they receive a prize.

By doing so, it allows for you to give your prospect a warm feeling of having won and been given a prize, and successfully obtains the customer engagement initially sought out.

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