Scratch-Off Games Hit Big Jackpot – Retailers Go Wild in Q4
Scratch-Off Games Hit Big Jackpot – Retailers Go Wild in Q4. Scratch-Off Games Score big with customers, sports fans and guests.

Scratch-Off Games Hit Big Jackpot – Retailers Go Wild Q4

Scratch-Off Games Score big with customers, sports fans and guests. Customers are engaged and happy; brands sell more and increase brand awareness.

Scratch-off games are to reward customers

Program Features:
• Scratch-offs connect with customers and easy to get them engaged, especially in the Q4 selling season.
• Cost-Effective – Your costs are predetermined and fixed. You control the number of scratch-off winners and losers. Plus, no printing costs and an unlimited number of scratch-off cards can be handed out.
• Prize Management – You control prize inventory and flow of scratch-off winners and losers.
• Easy to Run.
• Efficient – No printing costs, reprinting, or running out of scratch-off cards.

Scratch-off games are to reward customers with:

• Coupon discounts
• special offers
• gift-with-purchase offers
• tickets to events
• free awards
• money
• trips
• vehicles
… and more.

Scratch-offs are used for:

• Internet Promotions
• Casino Marketing & Promotions
• Bar Promotions
• TV Contests
• Fishing Tournaments
• Sports Contest
• Interactive Promotions
• Halftime Promotions
• Sports
• Social Media
• Retail Promotions
• Automotive Promotions
• Non-Profits Fundraising
• Trade Shows Traffic-Building
• Radio Contests

Scratch-off Games are used by:

They are used worldwide by retailers, casinos, sports bars, sports events, fast food restaurants, hospitality chains, entertainment venues, for special occasions, services businesses, and many more.

Recognition Programs

Scratch-offs are utilized in Recognition Programs by brands. It helps reward performance and motivates employees and dealers on individual and group levels. A Recognition program that aligns with company business goals builds a sense of appreciation and improves the workplace and brand culture. Adding a Recognition program is a cost-effective means of engaging an audience with minimal administrative costs.

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How To Boost Your Customer Engagement with Virtual Scratch-Off Coupons

Demo Scratch-off Game

This demo game features the
Scratch & Win + Prize Claim Form Template commonly used for retail promotions.

This is a demo; prizes won are for illustration only and are not redeemable.

This demo game features the  Scratch & Win + Prize Claim Form Template.
Priiize Scratch-Off Campaign Planner Free Download
Planner (Word doc)

Use this document as a guide for planning your Priiize scratch-off game with your team.

Untap the Power of SMS TEXT Messaging.

Created exclusively for Priiize Scratch-off Games

Are you interested in learning more about adding SMS messaging and Webhooks as an opt-in to play your Priiize scratch-off game and collect data? AGE Texting has developed an SMS and Webhook exclusively for Priiize scratch-off games. They provide a superb SMS and MMS marketing platform. The Priiize webhook is just one of its eight opt-in methods that adds a subscriber’s phone number to the database in real-time and sends an immediate opt-in reply. Learn more and play free demos.

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