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Win Prizes instantly with free online scratch offs today.

No purchase or fee necessary to enter or place a prize claim.

New prize rewards added weekly.

Fun and Exciting

Ask anyone with a pulse, scratch-off games are exciting and fun to play and win online.

Pull-out your lucky virtual scratcher coin on Priiize and go up and down on a ticket to win and watch the fireworks display.

When you win, there is a host of prize rewards to choose from; prizes cover many different categories.

Check out all the action and your luck — head to the prize claim form to receive your prize claim approval and select your reward.

The availability of scratch-off tickets online eliminates the need to buy them at convenience stores, gas stations, and other locations throughout the states. 

Coming soon to Scratch-Offs… Online Gold Rush, Wheel of Fortune, Match-3, and 7’s Up.

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