SMS Integration - 3 quick facts using Priiize Scratch-offs
SMS Integration with Priiize Scratch-Off Games Generator and AGE Texting.

Priiize SMS Integration using Webhooks

1. Couple of Interesting SMS Stats: Research shows that SMS has a 98% average open rate and 97% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of delivery.*

2. AGE Texting’s Webhook SMS integration with Priiize is an effective way to help grow your text list, in addition to their seven other opt-in methods.

3. Are you new to SMS? AGE Texting would love to learn about your business and how you envision using text marketing. At that time, they may be able to determine the frequency of your messages and provide you with rates.

We can help you grow your customer base with SMS. Contact Mindy Gross of AGE Texting for more details about SMS integration and Webhooks with your Priiize scratch-off games.

Quick facts for businesses inquiring about SMS integration with Priiize who are using another provider—

1. AGE Texting provides group SMS and MMS. AGE Texting’s SMS platform allows up to 240 characters per text vs. 160 maximum characters with most other SMS providers. Their MMS allows up to 600 characters plus an image (PNG, JPEG, or an animated GIF).

2. Have AGE create custom lead generators and Google review text bots.

3. They can often offer cheaper rates, plus help implement up to eight opt-in methods to grow their text subscribers.

4. If you are potentially interested in switching providers but your current provider will not give you your list, AGE can generate an opt-in link that can be sent using your current service. You might consider including it in a final message encouraging subscribers to opt into your new service. For more information about how this works, contact Mindy Gross at

5. If you really like the service you have now—great! Perhaps your provider can create a webhook. If your provider is unable to develop a webhook, there is still an option to use AGE Texting’s service to help integrate your SMS with your scratch-off cards then opt into your current service’s database. However, they must provide a keyword opt-in method. For more information about how this works, contact Mindy Gross at

Contact us for more information about SMS Integration
for your Priiize Scratch-offs.

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