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Student Marketing Virtual Scratch-Off Games

Student Marketing New Strategy – Virtual Scratch-Offs

Student Marketing and Engagements using scratch-off cards and games.

Student Marketing, Student Living Marketing, and Learner Engagement Marketing Professionals are looking for creative ways to engage prospective students and active ones remotely. 

Some of the challenges are keeping them interested in attending campus tours and events while on Summer break and exposing them to new materials while attending school.

And it goes without saying that because of the COVID-19 pandemic forcing attending classes and tours virtually, students are feeling burnout and disconnected from other students and the traditional college experience.

Reward learners for completing tasks like watching videos or attending events. Engage them on social media.

On average, Generation Z spends up to nine hours a day on social media consuming social media during stay-at-home orders.

With channels like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube, engaging large Gen Z audiences, schools can share endless ways and content to reach their student body.

Showing consistent content on social media boosts students’ interest in engaging with student marketing efforts.

Priiize Virtual Scratch-Off Cards Generator for Student Marketing and Engagement Rewards Programs.

Colleges, universities, and technical learning schools use Priiize Virtual Scratch-Off Game Generator for their learner engagement programs. It would help if you considered it too.

Use Priiize Virtual Scratch-Off Cards Generator for your remote student engagements and  rewards programs.

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Demo Scratch-off Game

This demo game features the
Scratch & Win + Prize Claim Form Template commonly used for virtual meetings.

This is a demo; prizes won are for illustration only and are not redeemable.

Bloomberg Financial Services uses Priiize for Live Virtual Meetings


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