New - Introducing Webhook Priiize Integration with Priiize
Introducing Webhook Priiize Integration

Introducing Webhook Priiize Integration

Integrate your favorite software services with your Priiize Scratch-off Campaigns with Webhook. Automate your campaigns Opt-in and Prize Claim Forms with third-party services like IntegromatPabbly ConnectIntegratedZapierKonnectzit, etc. 

Connect Priiize Webhooks with thousands of Online Apps, SMS, and CRM Email platforms you already use like Hubspot, ConstantContact, Mailchimp, Google Sheets, etc.

The free Webhook setup tool and documentation are ready to use.  Look for Webhook on your Priiize dashboard.

Add your Webhook details

Don’t have a Priiize account yet? Sign up for one free. No credit card is required. FREE TRIAL for 7-days to build scratch-offs.

Untap the Power of SMS TEXT Messaging.

Created exclusively for Priiize Scratch-off Games

Are you interested in learning more about adding SMS messaging and Webhooks as an opt-in to play your Priiize scratch-off game and collect data? AGE Texting has developed an SMS and Webhook exclusively for Priiize scratch-off games. They provide a superb SMS and MMS marketing platform. The Priiize webhook is just one of its eight opt-in methods that adds a subscriber’s phone number to the database in real-time and sends an immediate opt-in reply. Learn more and play free demos.

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