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Instructions for first-time users: How to Make Scratch-Off Cards

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Video Instructions: How to Make virtual Scratch Offs Cards on Priiize web app.

How to a Make Virtual Scratch-Off Games for Mobile Marketing Gamification using web app. How to a Make Virtual Scratch-Off Games for Mobile Marketing Gamification

Text Instructions: How to Make Scratch Offs

Step-by-step text instructions:

STEP 1. Basic Info

Start your campaign by using the "save up to 60% off scratch off" templateSetting up your first mobile scratch-off coupons.  Click Add New Campaign. Select New Campaign (Coupons Game Template),” when prompted. Then click theDetails button in the “Save Up To 60% Off” campaign. This scratch-off campaign is a pre-populated template set to help you get a fast-start, see how it works, and to get familiar with the editing tools. After you go through this campaign template then  creating custom campaigns will be a breeze.

STEP 2. - Prizes

The demo campaign is set up with (5) five “%-off” type coupon choices list under the Name column. The copy under Name” is automatically set to display under the scratch-off dot. These are ready-to-use as-is (an actual campaign) or, you can modify them as you see fit. If you use any of these as-is, make sure to specify the number of winners for each prize under the Total” column. The numbers in place are arbitrarily numbers. If you want to delete a prize click its trash can icon. If you want to add a prize, click the green “Add Prize” button.

STEP 3. Preview

Either add your logo (230 x 95 pixels clear-background image) or the “clear-no-logo.png” image if you are using a Casino Theme (free download). Add your game copy, change colors, and add rules — link game to your website or social network to drive traffic back to your site. Set the number of hours (or days) winners has to redeem their coupon and or prize before their winning prize expires or leave it “End of Day” so they use it while in your store or location. The template is set with a solid color editable background.


Preview Your Scratch-off Coupons Game

Preview scratch-off coupon campaign on your cell phone. Control your scratch-off campaigns by setting to live, draft, or pause mode — control number of winners on slow and busy days by setting to pause or live mode.

Set up multiple scratch-off campaigns. You can use this to offer multiple scratch-off games, and or use at multiple stores locations.scrat

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