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Price List

Priiize Price Plans

"Free Trial" and "Pay Once" Price Plans

You will not be billed after a “Pay Once” payment plan or free trial runs out. Trust with confidence.
No Limits on Interactions for the Price – All scratch-off campaigns offer an unlimited number of prize setups for any number of players.
Always Free Help, Guidance, and Game Reviews.



7-Day Free Trial
$ 0 All 4 templates & 5 Campaigns
  • and you will not be billed after your free trial ends.

Business 1

1 Campaign
$ 99 Includes all 4 templates & 1 Campaigns
  • 30 days $99 (Reg $119 save $20)
Pay Once

Business 2

2 Campaigns
$ 149 Includes all 4 templates & 2 Campaigns
  • 30 days $149 (Reg $179 save $30)
Pay Once

Business 3

3 Campaigns
$ 199 Includes all 4 templates & 3 Campaigns
  • 30 days $199 (Reg $299 save $100)
Pay Once

Stadium Promotions

2 Campaigns
$ Second campaign is free - Includes all 4 templates & 2 Campaigns
  • Prices vary - 3 to choose from
Pay Once

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Contact us for a quote on 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, & 50+ campaign plans.

100% Money-back Guarantee. Any number of campaigns and time length is available. Please get in touch with us for more information and a custom price quote based on your needs.

FAQ About Priiize Plans for The Price.

Create a 7-Day Free Trial or Buy Now and select a Plan with the number of campaigns (games) you want.

You get a lot for the price! If you have any questions, contact us by email or call (732)922-8800.

Ordering Details:

  • There are no contracts to sign or commitments.
  • If you choose the 7-Day Free Trial, no credit card is required. You will not be billed after the free trial ends.
  • For “Pay Once” Plans – You will not be billed after it ends. Renew any time your plan ends; your campaign(s) will remain. You cannot upgrade or download while a campaign is still active.
  • For “Recurring Plans,” – You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time or cancel.
  • The Free Trial is for testing campaign templates and is not used for actual campaigns unless paid.
  • Quantity: No minimum or maximum for any scratch-off card. Create thousands of cards for unlimited players for one low flat price
  • Size: Our digital scratch-it cards display beautifully on all mobile phones and tablets, laptops, and desktop computers
  • Prizes: Set as text, graphic designed custom images, and add barcodes
  • Any number of prize versions is allowed
  • Guaranteed global distribution
  • Priiize supports any language
  • Campaigns go live on and off whenever you want in real-time
  • No charge for generating and downloading acquisition data
  • No cost to upload unique access codes and prize promo codes if desired on any game
  • No setup charges
  • No charge for data aquisition
  • No charge for multiple prize versions
  • No charge for opt-in forms
  • No charge for prize claim forms
  • No Charge for Winner or Loser Call-To-Actions
  • No charge for custom scratch-off pads and prize image shapes
  • No setup fees
  • No rush charges
  • Custom quotes for any number of campaigns and duration of time
  • Digital, advertising, marketing, and sales promotion agencies are welcome

Top Brands Worldwide Use and Trust Priiize.

Thank you for doing us the #1 Digital Scratch-off Generator Service on Earth.

Purina Professional - Scratch-offs
Amazon - Scratch-offs
AAA North East - Scratch-offs
Samuel Adams uses Scratch-offs
Revlon - Scratch-offs
Bitdefender uses Priiize Virtual Scratch-offs for digital promotions.
Quicken Loans - Rocket Group of Companies - Scratch-offs
NBC Universal uses Priiize for customer engagements and gamification
Seattle Seahawks use for Fan Appreciation and Stadium Giveaway Promotions
Orlando Magic uses Priiize Scratch-offs for their promotions
Seattle Kraken uses Priiize Scratch-offs for their promotions
Sonas uses Priiize Scratch-offs
Neighborhood Credit Union - Scratch-offs
Smooth Commerce - Scratch-offs
Salesforce uses for Giveaway Promotions
Southeast Financial Credit Union - Scratch-offs
Houzz uses Scratch-offs
Reddit uses for their Employee Giveaway Promotions
Idox Software uses for Giveaway Promotions
Sagico Life Insurance uses Scratch-offs
McKesson uses Priiize Virtual Scratch-off Games Generator Service
Lighthouse property Insurance uses Priiize Scratch-offs
North Star Insurance - Scratch-offs uses Priiize Scratch-offs for their digital promotions
Klarna brand uses Priiize virtual scratch-off games for customer incentive programs.
Get Karma credit brand uses Priiize for their virtual scratch-off games for employee programs.
PSG Pharmaceutical Strategies Group - Scratch-offs
Broadvoice uses Priiize Scratch-offs
Holman Enterprises brand uses Priiize for their virtual scratch-off games for employee programs.
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