Red Envelope Scratch-offs for Chinese Lunar New Year Gifting
Red Envelope Lunar New-Year Scratch-off Game - Priiize

Red Envelope Virtual Scratch-Off Game for Chinese Lunar New Year

Red Envelope Scratch-Off Game
for the Lunar New Year is available at

Use for your business gamification to reward employees and customers Red Envelope Gifts.

Free Images are in Folder 12. The folder includes png scratch-here and prize images and Photoshop layered files to customize your Red Envelope Luna New Year Scratchers. 

FREE DEMO: Play the Chinese Lunar New Year Red Envelope demo scratch-off game on a smartphone.

FREE – NEW ARTWORK & IMAGES:  Download the artwork to make this game. If you need help or want us to set it up, no problem, we will do it for you at no charge. Contact us after your purchase to make arrangements.

Please create a free trial and see how easy it is: FREE TRIAL.

Campaigns are for an unlimited number of scratch-off cards and any number of 10s, 100s, or 1000s of players.

Priiize Scratch-off work on all Apple and Droid Smartphones, Tablets, Apple and Windows Laptops, and Desktop Computers.

Priiize Scratch-off Cards is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android devices.

Free images to make red envelope employee bonus programs
Free Scratch-Off Game Images to make this game or use your own! Free Scratch-Off Game Images to make this game for Chinese Lunar New-Year Red Envelope Game!
Free Scratch-Off Game Images to make this game or use your own!

Lunar New Year

Billions of people observe lunar New Year; the festival, also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, is marked by themes of reunion and hope every year on February 1st.

About The Chinese Red Envelope

The Chinese Red Envelope (紅包, hóngbāo) is an envelope used to gift money for the new year. Traditional red envelopes adorned with elegant Chinese characters in gold depict happiness and wealth in the new year. Businesses have used red envelopes in the past that contain gift certificates, cash in paychecks, and gift cards inside.

Still, now with employees working remotely, companies have shifted to handing out Priiize virtual scratch-off cards instead of red paper envelopes.

Virtual Scratch-offs is currently the #1 delivery system for Employee Experience Rewards used by Employee Experience Managers in the USA.

How virtual Red-Envelope Scratch-offs Games have replaced red paper envelopes.

During Chinese New Year, cash inside the envelopes is handed out to younger generations by their grandparents, parents, relatives, and friends as heart-warming expressions of love and luck. And best wishes.

Employees received a year-end bonus tucked inside a red envelope for company gift-giving.

Now they get their red envelope online because they work remotely. They receive a link or QR code that takes them to a Red Envelope Virtual Scratch-Off Game to play on smartphones to scratch-off to reveal a dollar amount they won.

Dollar amounts range from $5 to $500 and up.

The Meaning of the Red Color

The color Red symbolizes good luck and fortune in Chinese culture, so red is used for envelopes and scratch-off cards for good luck.

The Dollar Amount

For businesses, deciding how much money to put into an envelope depends on the budget and employees.

If a company has a good year of profits, they will budget a higher dollar amount to give. In lean years, it is their choice to budget for less.

For employees at work, the year-end bonus is typically the equivalent of one week or one month’s wage, although the amount can vary from under $25 to more than one month’s salary.

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