How To Boost Customer Engagement With Scratch-Off Coupons
Gamification for business: How To Boost Your Customer Engagement with Virtual Scratch-Off Games

How To Boost Your Customer Engagement with Virtual Scratch-Off Coupons

Customer Engagement.

Mobile scratch-off coupons and or prizes are used worldwide by:

  • retail merchants,
  • store owners,
  • brands
  • casinos,
  • sports bars, sports events, fantasy football parties,
  • restaurants,
  • hospitality chains,
  • entertainment venues,
  • special events,
  • beverage companies,
  • food brands,
  • banks,
  • service businesses.

They know customer engagement is everything.

Scratch-off games are excellent for boosting customer engagement and increase purchase volumes.Virtual scratch-off coupons are excellent for boosting customer engagement and increase purchase volumes. Scratch-offs using coupons and or prizes are becoming increasingly popular online.

Everyone loves winning something. Mobile scratch-off coupon coupons help businesses to create excitement at brick-and-mortar establishments and websites.

The goal of virtual scratch-off coupons is to promote your brand through the power and use of the natural inhibition as humans to enjoy playing coupon games.

Businesses’ can customize scratch-offs with their company logo and specific branding to give an incredibly tailored and high-quality user experience to their customers.

Virtual Scratch-Offs Provide Excellent Customer Engagement.

Mobile scratch-offs also help to promote games on signage with QR codes.

Moreover, they provide excellent reach in terms of the variety and quantity of customers who will find the game relevant, enticing, and engaging. even allows for an unlimited Scratch-Offs Provide Excellent QR Code Engagementnumber of game-plays, game players, and prize allotments – you control the settings.

Merchants can publish their coupons, special offers, gift-with-purchase offers, and much more.

The possibilities for store owners are endless for customers as an incentive to buy from your business.

The Psychology of Mobile Scratch-Off Cards

The simple fact is that customers know they will get something when they play the enticing scratch-off, so the psychology of starting something carries them towards the conclusion of the mobile scratch-off card where they receive a prize.

By doing so, it allows for you to give your prospect a warm feeling of having won and been given a prize, and successfully obtains the customer engagement initially sought out.

Who is is a virtual scratch-off coupon generator, whose intuitive and straightforward dashboard makes customizing scratch-off coupons fast and easy! 

Here’s How Virtual Scratch-Off Coupons Work:

1. Swipe the scratch-off pad on your smartphone screen like you would a paper scratch-off card.

2. See your coupon and or prize revealed.

3. At this point, the customer, shows the “prize” won on their smartphone at checkout, or the store employee can “Redeem” with a UPC or QR code reader, a validation code, or use the Prize Claim Form for your customer to fill in with their contact information to redeem.

The Customer Engagement Benefits of Mobile
Scratch-Off Games:

Customer engagement - The Benefits of Virtual Scratch-Off Games

1. Customer engagement is King

  • Elevates repeat purchases and sign-ups
  • Promotes up-selling and cross-selling
  • Increases transaction value
  • Enhances website SEO
  • Increases in-store foot traffic and website visits
  • Low-cost for new customer acquisition
  • Creates more viral referrals on social media
  • Builds brand recognition

2. Scratch-offs are used successfully for all size businesses around the world virtual scratch-off generator works excellent for all size businesses.

Whether your business is single or has multiple locations, mobile scratch-off coupons are a unique promotion for building foot-traffic for your store and web traffic for your website.

More  Applications Scratch-offs

  • Corporations use mobile scratch-offs for recognition programs, trade show leads, dealers, and incentive programs.
  • Churches, Synagogues, Foundations, and Charities use scratch-off games for fundraising.

Priiize.coms’ Online Scratch-off Coupon Generator Increases Customer Engagement

Priiize.coms’ online scratch-off game is designed to work non-stop for its users customer engagements.Priiize.coms’ online scratch-offs work non-stop for its users. Users acquire names and email addresses of their consumers that are either familiar or new to a brand. They work twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

Scratch-offs are a very powerful and automated lead-generator too!

Considering its element of surprise, humans naturally love the mystery of a Virtual Scratch-Off Prize or High-Value Coupon! It promises them a reward.’s straightforward dashboard makes scratch-off games setup easy in 3 short steps.

Access the admin dashboard at any time and to create new games or modify existing scratch-offs.

Change text colors and background images, the number of prizes, and the ability to put games on pause or live. and its powerful platform for building virtual scratch-offs have priced their services at the lowest possible to help retailers achieve and exceed conversions goals.

It is priced just right to get Priiize scratch-off mobile coupon builder in the hands of savvy business people who will benefit from using them.

It is for this reason that they have received praise from their customers for the affordability of these fantastic services.

Rewards - Virtual scratch-off games are used for customer engagement all over the worldRewards

Mobile scratch-offs are used for discount coupons, specials, with-purchase offers, and used worldwide.

Corporations also use virtual scratch-off games for their dealer and employee incentives, recognition programs, company events, and safety programs.

People use them for wedding favors, and gender reveals “it is a boy, girl or other” birth announcements, and for barrels-of-laughter for party guests.

What Scratch-Off Mobile Coupons Can Do For Your Store:

  • Mobile coupons will help both small and large-sized businesses build an extensive customer database to remarket to by email and SMS push notification.
  • It will also lead to new customer acquisition and thus generating recent sales.
  • The thought of winning is an incentive that generates additional website traffic.
  •  Increases store brand awareness.
  • Winning creates instant gratification for website visitors.
  • The engagement between store and customers and a sense of fun create positive PR.
  • Boosts foot traffic with physical locations
  • It can also direct winners to collect the prizes from their physical location.
  • It is an affordable marketing tool that all size businesses can use.
  • It is an excellent way to promote new products and
    services because of its enormous potential that drives traffic to your site.
  • The Interactive Mobile Scratch Off is also used for
    eCommerce stores using coupon codes, QR codes, and UPC scans.
  • Scratch-offs are an excellent way to improve marketing and brand awareness.
  • Interactive scratch-off marketing games creates a fun element to any business and promotion.
  • It is a fantastic website lead generator.
  • Because it is working 24/7/365 to generate leads and massive traffic, the Interactive Mobile Scratch-Offs creates endless marketing opportunities.
  • It is easy to set up and features a secure administrative set up of prizes, quantities, and outgoing marketing.

How any businesses can benefit from Interactive Scratch-Off Coupons and Promotions

Using interactive scratch offs as an incentive promotion for customer engagement is a handy tool for small companiesUsing interactive scratch offs as an incentive promotion for customer engagement is a handy tool for small companies, which up to now, only large brands could afford and reap the benefits.

Interactive scratch-offs drive potential customers to your website by allowing them a chance to win prizes.

Mobile coupons are advertised and promoted from websites, point of purchase counters, trade shows, retail kiosks, CCTVs, social media, print mailers, and advertisements.

With interactive mobile scratch-off generator, you set the quantity and prizes or coupon types.

Scratch-offs work around the clock. You acquire names and email addresses of consumers familiar with your brand to build your business an extensive database to market all year long.


Customer engagement is everything in business[*].  

Mobile scratch-off coupons are the online version of the paper printed scratch cards or scratchers purchased at local stores.

Online scratch cards are played by swiping on the designated scratch-off spot on a smartphone screen to reveal the card’s prize value.

The company providing the game is responsible for assessing the prizes and chances of winning.

Game players may directly play without loading any software to their local computer or cellphone for the perfect Customer Engagement user experience.

Virtual scratch-off games are an excellent customer engagement marketing tool for women shoppers.The latest mobile technology uses also allows for virtual fundraisers where the online scratch-off card attracts attention to a cause and acts as a vehicle for donations. Social networking sites promote and advertise games.

Virtual scratch-off coupons and or prizes are excellent customer engagement marketing tools used worldwide.

They are an excellent source to increase revenues, purchase volumes, and brand awareness.

Priiize Virtual Scratch-Off Cards also allow businesses to customize games and adjust prize allocations on slow and busy days to maximize relevance and commitment in terms of buying cycles. mobile scratch-off games are affordable and an excellent way to increase store foot traffic and build a business online and offline.

Boost your Customer Engagement with Priiize Virtual Scratch-off Cards generated by you.

Our intuitive and straightforward dashboard makes coupon setup and customizes in 3 easy steps. Access your software dashboard on a cloud at any time. Create new coupon scratch-offs and or modify existing ones. 

It is a virtual scratch-off coupon generator.
Instantly change your coupon offer text colors and background images, several coupon offers, and the ability to put any on pause.

All Scratch-off Plans provide:
Unlimited Number of Scratch-off Plays
Total Number of Scratch-off Coupon Offers

Total Number of Game Players
Total Number of Prizes To Include In Each Campaign

Create your Priiize free trial now.

Demo Scratch-off Game

This demo game features the
Scratch & Win + Prize Claim Form Template commonly used for retail promotions.

This is a demo; prizes won are for illustration only and are not redeemable.

This demo game features the  Scratch & Win + Prize Claim Form Template.
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