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Employee Appreciation Scratch-off Games Are Fun and Rewarding

Employee Appreciation Scratch-off Games Are Fun and Rewarding

Adopting scratch-off games for your employee gamification strengthens motivation and reward activities and is fun and exciting.

Scratch-off Gamification brings in exciting elements of gameplay to the workforce. Employers assign points or plateaus to different undertakings, in which employees earn the privilege of playing a scratch-off game to win rewards upon completion.

Deploying Scratch-offs for business gamification encourages healthy competition or defined teams for employee appreciation campaigns.

Outlining the game’s rules and rewarding those who meet your objectives works best. Gamification lets you embed appreciation into the work structure, taking advantage of employees, natural desire to do better for themselves or their peers.

Types of Employee Appreciation Strategies:

  • Create a workplace where peer-to-peer appreciation is a daily occurrence.
  • Acknowledging employees who go above and beyond normal expectations.
  • Making the admiration of achievements a group activity.
  • Opportunities for personal growth and moving up the corporate ladder.
  • Have appreciation meetings that highlight positive employee behaviors.
  • Publish employee recognition on your newsletters, posters, website, and social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Show gratitude for contributions to making your company improve a product or service.

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