Best 3 Employee Scratch-Offs for Engagements & Experiences

Make Employee Scratch-Off Games Like a Pro.

Create Employee scratch-off games using Priiize Digital Scratch Cards for Better Employee Engagement and Experiences.

Incentivizing employees pays tenfold in many ways.

  • Lower dropout rates
  • Higher-retention
  • Improved performance

Business gamification is one of the best ways to boost employees' and customers' commitment and motivation.

Engaged employees who are mentally and emotionally committed to their employer perform better. They know it will increase their growth chances and move up the organizational ladder.

Brands worldwide trust Priiize for their employee engagements and experiences.

Priiize is a straightforward template system enjoyed by top brands worldwide for creating digital scratch-off cards online.

Make unlimited scratch-offs for any total number of players for one low price.

Privacy assurance for live demos: If you fill out a prize claim form, your data will only be used to process the prize claim email notifier to your inbox to provide the Priiize user’s experience and for no other purposes. Your Email address used for playing our live demos is not shared or used for remarketing. Trust Priiize with confidence.

Employee Scratch-offs Game: Scenario #1

Using the
Basic Scratch & Win Template.

Have staff play on your tablet in front of you or your team to have total control. 

They hand you the device with their scratch-off reveal. Doing your game this way is the most straightforward way employers do it when everyone is together and will take their prize in person as they win.

Play the live Boyd Demo – Scenario Demo #1 game for the user experience.

You can also CLICK THIS LINK to play or scan the QR Code.

Play the live Boyd Demo - Scenario Demo #1 game

Employee Scratch-off Game Scenario Demo #1

Employee Scratch-offs Game: Scenario #2

Using the
Scratch & Win + Claim Template.

This Priiize template uses a prize claim form. Winner’s fill-in name, email, and other data from Priiize’s prize claim form.

Your staff plays on their mobile device or computer.

You would send each employee your game’s URL as a text, image link, or the game QR code in an email, SMS message, CRM program, Slack, etc., to play.

Winners will fill out a prize claim form and receive an email notification after their claim is approved. You can set prizes to be approved manually or automatically.

You customize the message on the email notifier with your approval and instructions on how to claim their reward. You can turn off Priiize’s email notifier and use your own via a webhook.

Each winner’s data is collected on your Priiize dashboard and is available to download in Excel or CSV or send data to your CRM program or Google Sheets via Webhooks.

Play the live Boyd Demo – Scenario Demo #2 game for the user experience.

You can also CLICK THIS LINK to play or scan the QR Code.

Play the live Boyd Demo - Scenario Demo #2 game

Employee Scratch-off Game Scenario Demo #2

Employee Scratch-offs Game: Scenario #3

Digital Access Codes Using using the
Scratch & Win + Opt-In + Claim Template.

This game template has two opt-in methods. The first option is a 1x-use access code, and the other has multiple options, such as using Facebook, Google, an email, or a phone number. 

The winner claim form collects and processes names, email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, and other pertinent information on a prize claim form. You have the option of manually approving their prize claims for total control.

In this game example, players receive an access code from you.

Everyone enters their 1x-use Unique Access Code on the opt-in form to play. They can only advance to play if they have an access code. You can make access codes unique or all the same. It is totally up to you.

In this example, the scratch-off game has winners and losers. Winners will fill out a prize claim form.

Employees can earn multiple Scratch-Off Tickets to play.

The more they make, the more chances they have to win a grand prize and other prizes.

Use your cellphone or tablet if employees are playing in front of you and set “Next Play” to “Immediate Replay” so there is no need to keep clicking the game URL or scan the QR Code each time someone plays on your device.

If you plan for employees to play on their mobile device or computer, do not set “Next Play” to “Immediate Replay.” Choose a more appropriate time frame based on your needs, such as only once, the next day or week, or never again.

You will provide players with your scratch-off game URL or QR code and their unique Access Code.

Winners will see their prize reveal after they scratch off, process a prize claim form, and receive an email notification approving their claim.

Winners and losers data acquisition will populate on your Priiize dashboard and be available to download in Excel or CSV or integrate with a Webhook.

Play the live Scenario Demo #3 game for the user experience.

You can also CLICK THIS LINK to play or scan the QR Code.

Want to have custom cards printed, each with a unique access code?

Let Priiize professionally custom print your 1x-use access codes on beautiful glossy card stock.

Request a quote here.»

DIGITAL SCRATCH-OFF TICKET: Employee Scratch-off Game Scenario Demo #4

Use Access Code 1234 to play this demo. In an actual game, each access code would be unique on the actual game and only available to be used once.

Boyd Industries - S&W + Opt-in + Claim Template (Demo) QR code

How to set up Opt-In Access Codes

Use on the Scratch & Win + Claim, Scratch & Win + Opt-in, and Scratch & win + Optin + Claim Templates.

Opt-In Access Codes  –Add an unlimited number of custom and unique Opt-In Access Codes – To ensure an exclusive group of virtual scratch card campaign participants, consider implementing our new opt-in access code feature. 1000 Random Codes are provided free for game testing.

Opt-in Access Codes Instructions   |  (PDF download)

MAKE SCRATCH-OFF GAMESMAKE SCRATCH-OFF GAMES FOR YOUR BRAND – Unlimited Scratch-Off Cards for an Unlimited Number of Players.

Bonus for Free Demos: If you book the Free Demo, you can also set up a Free Trial before our video meeting, and we will use your free trial to build your demo scratch-off game. This will save you set-up time if and when you choose to move ahead. It will also be accessible to edit, share and test with your team during the free trial, plus you can try the other templates.

All demos use Priiize free images available for download and work with any four templates. You can upload your images or use ours.

Every Priiize campaign (a ‘campaign’ is the same as a ‘game’) generates a unique URL and QR Code to allow players to play your game. You can send them out in an email or text message and display them on a website, social media, signage, and displays.

If you landed on this page first and plan to sign up for the free trial, you will also need to read this page to understand how Priiiize Templates work and each’s unique features before you start: About The Priiize Scratch-Off Games Templates.

Employee Scratch-Offs are an easy, fun, and highly rewarding experience and engagement strategy.
Employee Scratch-Offs are an easy, fun, and highly rewarding experience and engagement strategy.

Employee Scratch Card Games using

Digital Scratch Cards is an easy-to-make, fun-to-play, and highly rewarding strategy for employees and employers.

Everyone loves to play and win something. Digital scratch-offs are engaging and exciting to play.

What makes Priiize scratch-off cards even more exciting is that they are environmentally friendly, so no paper or trees are used to make them.

The scratch cards display beautifully on their cellphone, tablet, laptop, or computer

Your logo displays prominently at the top of every scratch-off card. And Priiize gives you unlimited cards with your order.

  • Employees love playing scratch-it cards!
  • They See Their Reward On The Spot.
  • Thank Every Staff Member With An Instant Email Generated By Priiize.
  • Scratch-offs display beautifully on mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers.
  • Instant Free Delivery – No paying and waiting for printing, shipping charges, and delays.
  • Receive an unlimited number of Scratch Cards at Priiize for one low price.

Scratch It Games for incentivizing and rewarding staff are excellent for incentives, motivation and rewards programs, marketing, activations, company functions, galas, and online play remotely.

Create a 7-day FREE TRIAL. And make Scratch Card Games now.

All-Inclusive Scratch-Offs for Business Packages.

The all-inclusive package deal plan includes

  • Campaign consultation and recommendations
  • Scratch off game setup
  • Campaign Game hosting
  • Custom graphics, including theme logo, scratch-here pad, prize images, call-to-action images
  • Set up any feature such as opt-in forms, prize claim forms, access codes, and prize validation codes
  • Program Administration
  • Program Reporting in live-time
  • Full support

Price range – Prices upon request.

Request more information about an All-Inclusive Package.

Priiize Digital Scratch-off Cards & Games Generator
Make Virtual Scratch-offs Online for Employee and Customer Rewards, Engagements, and Demand Generation Experiences.
Environmentally Friendly Scratch-Offs – No Trees or Paper Used.


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