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Using Giveaway Prizes and Donation Pledges Scratch-Off Reveals.

Raffle Tickets Scratch It Game Maker

Raffle Tickets are a fundraising tactic for charities, non-profits, teams, and individuals.

Raffle Tickets are a fundraising tactic for charities, non-profits, teams, and individuals“Everyone loves to scratch off and win prizes. Digital scratch-offs are engaging, exciting, cost-effective, and easy to play and build yourself. Priiize has developed the first digital raffle ticket of its kind. It is environmentally friendly, and no trees or paper are needed. We continue to forge forward in developing new digital incentive and rewards products for our customers.”
By Dennis Romano

Raffle Tickets Scratch Card Fundraisers.

Digital Raffle Tickets Scratch-off Game Fundraisers use.

  1. The Raffle Ticket scenario is players buy a Fundraisers Raffle Ticket with a unique access code like they would a paper raffle ticket. The 1x-use access code is to enter a game to win prizes.
  2. Your Raffle Tickets Scratch-off Cards will have winners and losers. Winners fill out a prize claim form.
  3. Players purchasing multiple Raffle Tickets can play each raffle ticket additional times.
Note: Feel free to use your email address on the prize claim form to receive the prize claim notification and experience the entire demo confidently. Email addresses used for testing demos are not saved, shared, sold, or used for remarketing.

Raffle Tickets: Scenario #1

Using the using the
Scratch & Win + Opt-In + Claim Template.

This game template has opt-in and donor claim forms used to collect and process donor names, email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, and any other pertinent information on a donor claim form (repurposed prize claim form.)

Players purchase Raffle Tickets with a 1x-use Unique Access Code to play.

Each enters their 1x-use Unique Access Code on the digital raffle ticket opt-in form to play. Players can only play if they have an access code.

In this example, the Raffle game has winners and losers. Winners will fill out a prize claim form. Donors can purchase multiple Raffle Tickets to play. The more they buy, the more money they take in.

Use your cellphone or tablet if people are playing in front of you and set “Next Play” to “Immediate Replay” so there is no need to keep clicking the game URL or scan the QR Code each time someone plays on your device.

If you plan for donors to play on their mobile device or computer, do not set “Next Play” to “Immediate Replay.” Choose a more appropriate time frame based on your needs. 

You would provide each person with your scratch-off game URL as a text, image link, or the game QR code and their unique Access Code to play.

Winners will see their prize after scratch-off, process a prize claim form, and receive an email notification after you approve their claim.

Winners and losers data acquisition will populate on your Priiize dashboard and be available to download in Excel or CSV or integrate with a Webhook.

Play the live WeCare Charity Raffle Tickets demo game for the user experience.

You can also CLICK THIS LINK to play.

Optional Printing
Raffle Ticket Entry Cards can be made yourself in Word, or we can professionally custom print them with 1x-use access codes for you on beautiful glossy card stock. Request a quote here.

Raffle Tickets: Scenario #2

Using the using the
Scratch & Win + Opt-In + Claim Template. Person-to-Person and Field Environments and Verbally Give Out Each Raffle Ticket Number.

This is the simplest way of doing it.

Print your Raffle Ticket Numbers on a list on a sheet of paper and your game’s QR Code on a separate piece of paper from a desktop printer.

Keep them on a clipboard. As people hand over their money donations, have them scan the QR Code and read them out loud their 1x use the raffle number to enter your game.

Cross out each raffle number as they are given out. If you have multiple volunteers give each their own set of Raffle Ticket Numbers and make sure they are set for 1x-use only.


Use Raffle Ticket Number 1234 to play this Raffle Ticket demo. On an actual game, each access code would be unique on the actual game and only available to be used once.

Fundraisers: Scenario #4 Digital Raffle Ticket

How to set up Opt-In Access Codes

Use on the Scratch & Win + Claim, Scratch & Win + Opt-in, and Scratch & win + Optin + Claim Templates.

Opt-in Access Codes Instructions   |  (PDF)

Raffle Ticket Scratch-Off  Fundraisers using Priiize.com

Virtual Raffle Tickets are an easy, fun, and highly profitable fundraiser strategy.

Everyone loves to scratch off, win, or donate the dollar amount on their scratch-it reveal. Scratch-offs are engaging and exciting to play.

What makes Priiize fundraiser scratch-it cards even more dazzling is that they are environmentally friendly, and no paper or trees are used to make them.

Your donors scratch off, donate the amount on their scratch-off reveal, give you their donation money on the spot, and it was so easy! They receive a confirmation email with their donation amount.

The Raffle Scratch Cards display on their cellphone or computer, and they make their donation in person, by mail, or by a link to your merchant account for people making their donation by credit card.

Your organization logo displays prominently at the top of every scratch-off card. And we give you unlimited cards with your order – the money raised covers the entire cost of your fundraiser. That means 100% profit for your organization or team.

  • Raise more with less hassle for more significant profit margins!
  • Collect Your Funds On The Spot.
  • Thank Every Supporter With An Instant Email Generated By Priiize.
  • Scratch-offs display beautifully on mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers.
  • Instant Free Delivery
  • No waiting, shipping charges, or delays.
  • Your Group Name and Logo Printed On Every Scratch It Card.
  • Receive an unlimited number of Raffle Ticket Scratch Cards for one low price.

Create a 7-day FREE TRIAL. And make Raffle Tickets Fundraisers now.

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Environmentally Friendly Scratch-Offs – No Trees or Paper Used.


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