5 BEST USE CASES BY INDUSTRY - Priiize Digital Scratch-Offs

Best Use Cases by Industry.

Priiize Scratch-offs used for Customer and Employee Incentives, Rewards, Engagements, Experiences, and Demand Generation.

Best use cases by indurty and templates used - Priiize

  • Use scratch-offs to reward employees, salespeople, customers, customer demand generation, employee and customer experiences, and engagements.
  • Increase store foot traffic and website inbound traffic, increase tradeshow traffic.
  • Improve revenues, and boost brand awareness.

Best use cases by industry and the templates they use.

There are hundreds of best use and different ways and combinations to build scratch-off campaigns. Here are a few used by our customers.

Employee Scratch-Offs are an easy, fun, and enriching experience and engagement strategy.

“I get requests from company sales and marketing professionals and event planners asking what the best Priiize scratch-off games templates to use for tradeshows are. Here are the top 3 scenarios.”

“Retail professionals are using scratch-off games to use for their customer demand generation campaigns. Here are some of the ways they do it.”

New! Digital Scratch Card Fundraising and Digital Raffle Tickets Scratch-Off Games. Here are 4 fundraising scenarios using Priiize Scratch-offs.

Best Use by Industry 3

Using Priiize Scratch-off Game Template – Scratch & Win + Opt-In + Claim Forms

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