Nurse & CNA Appreciation Days Virtual Scratch-Off Games 2022
Nurse CNA Appreciation Days - Virtual Scratch-Off Games

Nurse & CNA Appreciation Days – Virtual Scratch-Off Games

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities Nursing Staff Reward Programs

Help increase morale in these trying times. Give your nurses gifts and rewards using the Priiize scratch-off games generator.

Gift, Reward, and Prize Ideas for Nurse & CNA recognition programs:

  • Food, Restaurants
  • eGift Cards
  • Gift Certificates
  • Gift Baskets
  • Cash in Paychecks
  • SPA Day Gift Certificates
  • Paid Day Off
  • Day Vacation
  • Workout Memberships

Make Nurse & CNA Digital Scratch-offs Online for Employee Rewards & Engagements, Appreciation Days, Work Anniversaries, Birthdays, and more!

The live demo – see how this example of a rewards game flows for the Nurse CNA user experience. This example uses cash in paycheck awards. You can make scratch-offs with any prize you want.

When you look in your Priiize dashboard, you will see each prize and who won what, and the nurse’s contact information that you determine on each prize claim form.

Mark your calendar for the 2022 Monthly Nurse & CRN Appreciation Holidays & Events – Click here.

Below is a Nurse Appreciation Scratch-Off Game Example

Why Nurse and CNA Appreciation Reward Programs Are a Must for Hospitals & Healthcare Businesses.

Nurse and CNA workforces are on the front lines every day to ensure patients get the comfort, care, and compassion they deserve.

Their job is a complex one. It is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. They not only help with patient care, but they also deal with debilitating illnesses and death.

They sometimes feel as unsung heroes have taken for granted and not acknowledged for their efforts.

Nurses are shown appreciation with rewards, and acknowledgment programs enable nurses to feel appreciated for their hard work. 

Acknowledgment programs avoid burnout and many negative job factors that impact moral distress. 

One way to let our nurses know we care is to acknowledge their dedication to Certified Nurses Day and National CRNA Week among others. Healthcare facilities celebrate the holidays and monetary and gift rewards programs.

Nurse CNA Appreciation Day

Like all of us, your Nurse and CNA workers are human and get mentally and physically recharged when they know they have made a difference in a patient’s life, especially when they are aware of their difference.

Appreciation days and events are so crucial for your business. Nurses’ contributions are recognized each year with many types of games like virtual scratch-off games played on their smartphones to win monetary and gift rewards.

2022 Monthly Nurse CRN Appreciation Holidays & Events

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities Nursing Staff Reward Programs. 
Help increase morale in these trying times with Priiize Scratch-Off – $99.

Use Priiize Scratch-Off Games Generator for rewarding Nurses on these holidays:

Mark your calendar for the 2022 Monthly Nurse & CRN Appreciation Holidays & Events


National CRNA Week – Jan. 23-29

National IV Nurse Day – January 25


Ambulatory Care Nursing Week – Feb. 7-13 (Debuting this year!)

PeriAnesthesia Nurse Awareness Week – Feb. 7-13

Cardiovascular Professionals Week – Feb. 13-19

Critical Care Transport Nurses Day – February 18


Certified Nurses Day – March 19

GI Nurses & Associates Week – March 20-26


Radiological and Imaging Nurses Day – April 12

WOC Nurse Week – April 17-23

Transplant Nurses Week – April 25-May 2


National Critical Care Awareness and Recognition Month

Oncology Nursing Month 

National Nurses Day – May 6

National School Nurse Day – May 6

International Nurses Day – May 12

National Nurses Week – May 6-12 (the ANA also celebrates National Nurses Month throughout May)

Neuroscience Nurses Week – May 15-21


National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day – June 7


Vascular Nurses Week – Sept. 5-11

National Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses Day – September 8

Nephrology Nurses Week – Sept. 11-17

Nursing Professional Development Week – Sept. 11-17

National Neonatal Nurses Week– Sept. 12-18


National Midwifery Week – Oct. 2-8

Pediatric Nurses Week – Oct. 3-7

Emergency Nurses Week – Oct. 9-15

Emergency Nurses Day – October 12

National Case Management Week – Oct. 9-15

International Infection Prevention Week – October 16-22

International Orthopaedic Nurses Day – October 30


National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

Medical-Surgical Nurses Week – Nov. 1-7

Urology Nurses and Associates Week – Nov. 1-7

Forensic Nurses Week – Nov. 6-12

National Nurse Practitioner Week – Nov. 13-19

Perioperative Nurses Week – Nov. 13-19

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