Virtual Event Planners Win Big With 5 Virtual Scratch-offs
Virtual Event Planners Win Big With Virtual Scratch-offs

Virtual Event Planners Win Big With Virtual Scratch-offs

Virtual Scratch-Offs are winning over their use with Event Planners of virtual events such as Conferences, Career Fairs, Education Fairs, Open Days, Networking Fairs, Benefits Fairs, and Seminars.

Critical Points Virtual Event Planners Use

Leverage Virtual Scratch-off Cards That Make Branding Virtual Events Memorable

Virtual Event Planners Tips

  • Create a multi-faceted marketing plan that includes an announcement and a way to play your virtual scratch-off game on your website, social media, email marketing, partnerships, paid media.
  • Build a dedicated micro-website or landing page on your existing site for your virtual event and name the prizes on your scratch-off game.
  • Send a save the date email for your event – add more excitement and engagements by announcing your virtual event on a separate scratch-off card campaign.
  • Create and launch a social media plan that drives traffic to your website landing page and a way to register to play your game online.
  • Virtual event planners’ virtual scratch-off games of choice are Priiize because of its rich features, ease of use, and 10 economical price plans – Make 5 Virtual Scratch-off Campaigns for free to try, test, and experiment with. No credit card is needed to try everything. Start now, register for a free account and make scratch-off cards for your next virtual events.
Event Planners - Free Trial -Virtual Scratch-Off Cards Generator

If you are a virtual event planner and interested in a free trial, click here, and if you have any questions, please contact Dennis Romano by email or by calling 732-922-8800.

Demo Scratch-off Game

This demo game features the
Scratch & Win + Prize Claim Form Template commonly used for virtual meetings.

This is a demo; prizes won are for illustration only and are not redeemable.

Bloomberg Financial Services uses Priiize for Live Virtual Meetings
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